Govt’s 2G lapse is inexcusable

The 2G verdict shows the role of CBI, ED in poor light in terms of case construction and submissions, writes the author

The 2G verdict shows the role of CBI, ED in poor light in terms of case construction and submissions, writes the author
2G submissions by CBI/ ED/ Govt. agencies - deliberately sabotaged?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has weathered many a storm, often emerging stronger from the crises. Even the disastrous demonetization decision benefited him politically. But the verdict in the 2G spectrum allocation case is such a damning indictment of his government that he would find it extremely difficult to shrug it off. Make no mistake, it is the failure of his government rather than that of the Central Bureau of Investigation and the Enforcement Directorate that the accused have been acquitted.

…senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy, at whose behest prosecution in the 2G spectrum allocation case began, doesn’t agree with the judgment; but on Thursday he approvingly quoted from Saini’s verdict to highlight the shoddiness of the functioning of government agencies.

The judgment of Special Judge O.P. Saini is being debated and even slammed; the government has decided to challenge it in the high court, but some of the assertions made by him show the ruling dispensation in poor light. Here is a Prime Minister who came to power riding on the wave of anger against corruption, with the promise that he would throw the wrongdoers behind bars. Like most other of his promises, this one too has been observed in the breach.

“In the beginning, the prosecution started with the case with great enthusiasm and ardor. However, as the case progressed, it became highly cautious and guarded in its attitude making it difficult to find out as to what prosecution wanted to prove,” Saini wrote in the 1,552-page verdict, adding that, “by the end, the quality of prosecution totally deteriorated and it became directionless and diffident. Not much is required to be written as the things are apparent from the perusal of the evidence itself.”

Even those who disagree with his verdict have not challenged these assertions. For instance, senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy, at whose behest prosecution in the 2G spectrum allocation case began, doesn’t agree with the judgment; but on Thursday he approvingly quoted from Saini’s verdict to highlight the shoddiness of the functioning of government agencies.

In an excellent write-up, Sree Iyer has narrated certain facts that raised questions about the intention of the Modi regime to clean up politics and public life[1] in the first place. He mentioned, among other things, Modi’s meeting with DMK chief M. Karunanidhi on November 6. This was preceded by raids on 187 premises linked to the leaders of AIDMK, the DMK’s main rival in Tamil Nadu.

Perhaps, Modi and his confidante, BJP president Amit Shah, have started believing that no impropriety and no breach of promise on their part can hurt them. Like their predecessors, they have also used law-enforcement agencies to win friends and destroy enemies. Mukul Roy, earlier with the Trinamool Congress and accused of Narada and Sarada scandals, was brought to the BJP fold in the expectation of increasing the footprint of the saffron party in West Bengal.

Similarly, agencies have been allegedly used against Lalu Prasad Yadav. This is not to say that Lalu is the paragon of probity, but action against him was because of political reasons and not because the Modi-Shah duo was carrying out a crusade against venality. In the run-up to the 2014 general election, big promises were made regarding punishing the corrupt, bringing back black money stashed in overseas accounts, etc.

So far, the government has not done anything serious to bring the alleged crooks to book. There has been no action against Robert Vadra who, according to garrulous BJP spokespersons, has become very rich using questionable means. Nor has the government done anything to prosecute former Congress president Sonia Gandhi who practically ran the previous government which the BJP claims were scam-ridden. The only case against her and her son Rahul is being prosecuted by Swamy.

As for bringing back black money, Shah has flatly denied the redemption of the promise; indeed it was no promise but a chunavi jumla not to be taken seriously. Instead, the Modi regime unleashed taxmen against businessmen and middle-class people in the name of eradicating black money from India.

And yet, the Modi-Shah combine have been winning electionsso far at any rate. But will they be able to further fool people as to why they couldn’t ensure a conviction in the 2G allocation case? You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you can not fool all the people all the time, said Abraham Lincoln. Evidently, Modi and Shah believe that even if you can’t fool all the people all the time, you can do that for a very long period. It remains to be seen if the length of that period can stretch much after the 2G case shocker.


[1] Is BJP playing a dangerous game?Dec 22, 2017,

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  1. This case started in 2010. Investigation, raids, filing of charge sheet etc were all completed by CBI during UPA rule by the officers appointed by UPA. The SC appointed special prosecutors of their choice who argued for the prosecution. Then how could this BJP government be held responsible for this fiasco? I am surprised that even senior journalists who are aware of all the facts are finding fault with Modi, without even explaining what he could have done to get a conviction of these criminals.

  2. Our euphoria over Modi the PM has vaporised totally. He has disappointed us on many counts and 2G case handling is just one among the many. Many like me now feel that Modi winning elections matter very little to our country’s real progress. Modi’s real intentions are not for changing India for the better especially for common citizens. Here are the five main reasons why Modi is dishonest in misleading India:
    1. Something very sinister about Modi’s inability to bring to book even one looter or scamster in the nearly four years of his prime ministership. Forget the big whale Sonia or her family. Even Kalmadi, Maran, Trinamul leaders and other minions are not pursued seriously. Leaking information to media or conducting raids don’t mean anything at all. What is the fear?May Gautam Sen was right. Very sensitive material must be in the hands of Sonia that directly impinges on the BJP and RSS parivar preventing Modi from any affirmative action.

    2. Aadhar was to be linked to Property registrations. Now it has been withdrawn! Why! Land grabbing and accumulating immovable properties by politicians have destroyed the dreams of a billion plus Indians to own a roof. Vanishing water bodies, very costly education, unaffordable medical care, no walkways for pedastrians, no cycling tracks, huge paucity of parks & playgrounds… all are linked to dirty land grabbers and benami property holders. PM must answer the people directly – election or no election.

    3. Why no PAN card for gold buying? Why PM has bowed to gold lobby? Indians have 25,000 tons of hoarded gold in their possession worth 1.5 trillion dollars. It is black money. If this was available for investment into industry, we need no FDI at all. Now Modi is pushing money into gold – black money. Why low GST for gold? Is it an essential commodity? Why can’t gold be charged higher rates of tax and fixed deposits be sudsidized for a saving economy of ours that will pour money into banks?

    4. Why no Major initiatives in agriculture to make the farmers richer? After all we have an Amul model for milk. If farmers get remunerative prices for their produce without getting into the clutches of middlemen, India will prosper. Milk, a most perishable commodity is abundant in India and no small milk producer commits suicide. It is the middlemen who nurture black money and political power. Unless we break this, India may start begging for food soon.

    5. Education is the biggest mess. Professional Higher education is a nightmare. The real reason is rationing of quality education and not opening education to international players. Time is running out. Reservation should be removed. Why there is no reservation in CA? Because there is no entry barrier. Anyone can wish to become a CA and entry is easy. Exit is very difficult and controlled. Change the system. Allow 100% reservation but make exit strict and quality based. Introduce Indian version of GRE, GMAT, SAT for easy assessment for entry. But passing out will be based on pure merit and not grace marks. It is a shame that still communities and castes are vying with one another to become backward! Modi is not at all serious in changing the scene in education.

    What is the point in winning elections for winning sake? What is the use of his oratory magic to fool Indian public on tax haven money to be brought back, clean corruption free administration etc.

    India is cursed with greedy parties and corrupt systems forever it seems.

  3. The day Modi & Defense Minister Nirmala Seetharaman suddelny paid a visit to dmk karunanidhi’s house
    ( it was not unplanned & sudden visit as we aam janata were hoodwinked …stalin who was out of India rushed back as he was informed of Modi’s visit) & kanimozhi etc were grinning deliriously many commented they would be acquitted in 2G case. That a deal was struck between the two parties.

    It is only the aam janata ( middle class) that are harangued by Modi to give up this & that , simplicity blah blah. Did he not attend the uber ostentatious wedding party of kohli & anushka along with jaitley ?

    All politicians are crooks.

      • Sure.

        However what about ultra sanctimonious modi & his party ? Have they not been conning guileless Hindus like me with their shrill cries of ”Jaiiii ShRRReeee RRRRAm” & anti corruption posturing ?

        Corruption is an all encompassing word. It is VALUES that are of paramount importance. Take a look at the CREDENTIALS of scum like bollywood hemamalini for instance a renegade tambram who had no qualms having an illicit relationship with a married man & spawning forth illegitimate daughters. Such an unscrupulous bimbo was nominated by pseudo pious modi & his party. In fact modi personally campaigned for her. He has plenty of time to spare for several bimbos of kollywood & bollywood.

        The why MISLEAD gullible people with vain claims of Ram Rajya blah blah ? Like a typical bania his tunnel vision is focussed exclusively on currency notes ( Indian rupees). Even in this domain bjp ministers ‘conduct is downright shocking . As I believe both modi & jaitley ( prime minister & finance monister) watched ”virushkas” ( cricket & bollywood two most filthy lucre making industries of merabaramahAAnindia ) devilish ”dance” throwing lot of money around , stepping on them , holding one such bill / currency in her mouth.

        All that bjp has accomplished is unpardonably looting & inconveniencing ETHICAL people of India. Till date whatever money I deposited in RBI ( standing in the serpentine queue along with other NRIs ) has not been credited to my savings account at all. One year has almost passed. Modi is the most dubious of all crooks.

  4. Its high time if these ppl
    Modi shah duo dont pull up there socks now then they are going to face lot of trouble in times to come

    Recently as seen in Gujarat election
    Urban voters have been hurt very badly due to this verdict, had the case been other way round bjp would have sustained another 6 months time on this but now tables have turned.,

    Further i have been told by many ppl that modi is in a compromising position today and all these ppl bjp. N congress they are all brothers n sisters


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