Learn From Israel

India can learn a thing or two from Israel...
India can learn a thing or two from Israel...

Some facts about Israel

1. Israel has a population of 86,80,000 which is slightly more than that of suburban Mumbai.
2. Area of Israel is 22,072 sq.km which makes it smaller than Manipur.
3. It is surrounded by hostile neighbors – Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine territories and Egypt. Iran has vowed to destroy it.

Despite all these adverse factors, Israel is a much-feared nation. Why? Because it has jigar in ample measure which Indians woefully lack.

Every Israeli undergoes military training. Every citizen behaves like the eyes and ears of the govt. Their politicians fight among themselves. But when it comes to the national interest they rally around immediately. The people, especially the predominant Jews, fiercely love their country.

When Iraq started building the Osirak nuclear reactor with a view to developing a bomb to wipe out Israel, Tel Aviv simply air bombed it out of existence. When Israelis were taken hostage in Uganda, Israel simply sent its special forces who killed the hijackers and brought the hostages back to the safety of their homes 2,000 km away. PM Netanyahu’s brother was killed in that operation.

In India, the government let the hijacked IA plane to take off from Amritsar’s Rajsansi airport. Later, the then foreign minister Jaswant Singh in a most disgraceful act escorted terror mastermind Maulana Masood Azhar of Jaish-e-Mohammed and handed him over safely to the hijackers in Kandahar. A Huge amount of money also reportedly changed hands. In any other country, Jaswant Singh would have been arraigned before the courts.

No wonder Israel is where it is today and India is still busy appealing to its people to kindly not defecate in the open. People who plunder the banks are tipped off to escape to London. A man who pilfers ONGC’s oil worth $1.5 billion gets a red carpet. Son of a former minister who has acquired properties worth billions abroad is partying in Paris. A politician involved in a Rs 7 lakh crore scam is conferred with civilian honor. We still give the MFN status to Pakistan and yet go about all world capitals telling what a terror-sponsor that country is.

No wonder humbug and hypocrisy have become our hallmarks. Even a sense of shame is lacking.

Advocate and Senior Journalist who was formerly City Editor & Chief of Bureau of The Times of India, Mumbai. He has also served in the MumbaiMunicipal Council.
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  1. There is no such thing as “Palestinians”
    These people are migrants of different tribes, who came from different countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe, in search for employment or food. Some came during the Ottoman empire, others were imported by the British mandatory, to work in Haifa and Akko harbors from Triploy and Sidon. Others came from Jordan, Iraq and saudi Arabia and settled in Judea and Samaria during the occupation of Jordan (1948-1967). Gaza people are mostly from Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and further west countries of North Africa
    In the Arab communities, the surnames ident the location of their routs or a family profession. Here are some of the most common Arabic surnames which you can find in any Phone-book (I might miss-spelled some Arabic names):
    Al Turki – Turkey
    Sultan – Turkey
    Uthuman – Turkey
    Al Masri – Egypt
    Masrawa – Egypt
    Al Tartir – Tartir village, Egypt
    Bardawil – Lake bardawil, Egypt
    Abu-Suta – Tarabin tribe, Egypt
    Abu-Seeta – Tarabin tribe, Egypt
    Sha’alan – Bedouin, Egypt
    Fayumi – Al-Fayum, Egypt
    Al Araki – Iraq
    Al Bagadai – Bagdad, Iraq
    Zuabi – West Iraq
    Al Faruki – Iraq
    Al Tachriti – Iraq
    Husaini / Husain – Saudi Arabia (Hussain was the 4th Imam)
    Al Tamimi – Saudi Arabia
    Al Khijazi – Saudi Arabia (the terrorist who ran over people in Jerusalem about 2 weeks ago was a Khijazi)
    Al Kurash – Saudi Arabia
    Al Kurashi – Saudi Arabia
    Al Halabi – Haleb region, North Syria
    al Allawi – West Syria (shoreline)
    Al Hurani – Huran District, South Syria
    Lubnani – Lebanon
    Sidawi – Sidon, Lebanon
    Tarabulsi – Tripoly, Lebanon
    Al Surani – Sour-Tair, South Lebanon
    Al Yamani – Yemen
    Al Azad – Yemen
    Hadadin – Yemen
    Mugrabi – Maghreb, Morocco
    Al Araj – Morocco
    Bushnak – Bosnia
    Al Afgani – Afganistan
    Al Kurd – Kurdistan
    Al Jazir – Algir
    Al Ubid – Ubid, Sudan (there’s a city in the same name)
    Al Hamis – Bahrain
    * Yasser Arafat-al Qudwa, who claimed to be born in Jerusalem (Al Quds), was actually born in Cairo and his family come from the tribe Al-Qudwa, of Halab, in North Syria.
    Everyone who clame something different – trying to fool you

  2. Perhaps the write is unaware that Israel has a Security Treaty with Jordan, as with Egypt, its closest neighbours. The Saudi Kingdom created by the British after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, along with Jordan and UAE, have never tried to endanger Israel.

    Rhetoric aside, there is very little danger from State actors. But there are other unstable elements, many of which are supported by countries friendly to Israel. Ditto in India’s case!!!

  3. Yes we must learn from Israel. But unfortunately unlike Israel, India has more enemies within than outside of it. When some of our own population celebrates Pak win over India in cricket, when Afzal Gurus and Yakub Menons have supporters in our own country, what to say of our enemies. Terrorists who are nothing but plain murderers, attack our own army and police personnel. In Israel such elements would be shot dead immediately. In India, law breakers are dealt within law, whereas innocent citizens are killed and cannot take recourse to law. India has always suffered defeat from its own traitors than from its outside enemies. Hindus have been made to suffer by power-hungry parties and leaders who appease muslims and other groups for their votes to remain in power. God alone can save India from its internal foes.


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