My New Letter Series – Dear Pakistani (Un)Educated Media, You Need To Be Less Concerned About The Black Vigo & More Cognizant Of Some Facts

Every newscaster in Pakistan is of the (wrong) opinion that its country is SO IMPORTANT that the entire world is conspiring against you

Every newscaster in Pakistan is of the (wrong) opinion that its country is SO IMPORTANT that the entire world is conspiring against you
Every newscaster in Pakistan is of the (wrong) opinion that its country is SO IMPORTANT that the entire world is conspiring against you

Dear Pakistani Media,

My mistake, I forgot you wouldn’t understand the word Cognizant; it means being aware of, like Pakistan needs to be cognizant of the economic crisis prevailing in that country. It means, “You don’t know but your country ain’t got no money, honey”! Anyways, movin’ on, there are a few things you, probably deliberately, don’t talk about or fear of the Black Vigo car parking outside your door you don’t mention. **For those not aware of THE BLACK VIGO, it belongs to the World’s Best Espionage Agency, I talk about Pakistan’s ISI. I’m not sure when any competition, between various espionage agencies around the world, was held. But coming back to the point, once the ISI picks people “of interest” up, they take them to the local offices, and, umm, a “Software Update” takes place**.

I have mentioned this QUITE A FEW TIMES, but it warrants mentioning again. No, I am not talking about a warrant issued against you. Oh for god’s sake, let’s move on! The UN resolutions start with “Pakistan has to remove its armed forces from the occupied territory. India will then remove its forces, keeping a section of the armed forces to assist in maintaining law and order; Finally, there will be a plebiscite”. You seem to forget the very First Line in the resolution. I think it’s the Vigo Fear that stops you from mentioning this.

You seem to be under the mistake (or maybe the Vigo car supplies this information) that India can ONLY become an economic SUPER POWER if it involves your country!! I’m sorry, I had to laugh!! Your country stopped “trading” with India in 2019. The Indian GDP, at that time, was 2.8 trillion USD. Since then, there has been NO “trade” between the two countries, and yet, India’s GDP today is at 3.75 trillion USD. I see only the positives in not trading with your country!! Anyways, for any trade to happen, Pakistan needs money and, in case you don’t know, your country doesn’t have any money!!!

Every newscaster in your country is of the (wrong) opinion that your country is SO IMPORTANT that the entire world is conspiring against you. You talk about the geo-strategic importance of your location. With Chahbahar opening up, even that has been negated. From the US of A, the country that gave you over 35 billion USD in the “war against terror”, to the rest of the world!!! The same war that, you claim without proof, cost 70,000 lives. You then state that your country was USED by the US of A and then, like soiled toilet paper, thrown aside. You also claim that the US of A has stopped trusting you, even after all these sacrifices!! What you conveniently forget is to mention that YOU DID SHELTER OSAMA BIN LADEN!!! Your Prime Minister, Immi, then claimed that, with the Taliban coming back, Afghanistan had broken the shackles of psychological slavery! SLAVERY!! Your country was the chief assistant in “enslaving” Afghanistan!! You then have the audacity to say the Afghans had broken the shackles of slavery. This must be a part of the “software update” that happens when you, you got it, get picked up by the “nice people in the black Vigo”.

India, or as you people tend to call it Endia, did NOT conspire to end 370 and 35A. First of all, I think you need to ensure whether India revoked, or implemented, 370/ 35A. Some of you talk about “Endia implemented article 370 and 35A” while others talk about these articles being revoked. You all need to be on the same page. Now, these articles DID NOT have anything to do with the basic rights of the Kashmiri population. It did, and you again fail to mention this to your ignorant population, have to do with a special status that was given to Kashmir. The other article, 35A had to do with citizenship given to Kashmiris, specifically dual (or triple) citizenship: citizenship of Kashmir, citizenship of Pakistan, and citizenship of “Endia”. That had to end; the previous governments chickened out of this, but the current PM of India didn’t chicken out and revoked this. IT WAS MENTIONED IN THE Election Manifesto! All you had to do was read the manifesto! But, like Major (Retd) Arya says, you DO NOT have the habit of reading. I think the Major has it half right! It isn’t that you don’t have the habit of reading, it’s that when you do occasionally read, you DO NOT UNDERSTAND what you’re reading! Or, maybe the nice people, English professors they are not, in the Black Vigo have taught you how to read English.

Your constant grouse that “even after giving displaced Afghans refuge”, they still hate Pakistan and love India needs to be explained. Why do Afghans hate Pakistan? Plain and simple: in 1979, when Russia entered Afghanistan, you (along with your then masters, the US of A) destroyed Afghanistan in the name of removing the Russians. You did this again in 2002, this time thro’ 2021-22. You allowed the West to use your airfields to bomb the Afghans! Don’t blame the US of A! We were paying you and you gladly accepted the money and allowed our soldiers and Air Force to use your air space to look for Osama Bin Laden; all the while, you had him stashed away in Abbottabad close to your armed forces base. I guess you wanted to ensure that, if anyone did come close to him, your army would react and save him. Unfortunately, for you, when our Marines did get him, THE WORLD’S BEST ARMY didn’t even realize what had happened till the next day. The world’s best agency, employer to the NICE people in the Black Vigo, was caught napping, literally!! So much for your army and agency being “the best in the world.”

You claim that your country has always tried to make peace with Endia. WHEN? Can you name ONE INSTANCE WHERE your country said, “I want peace with India and am going to India regardless of what the political atmosphere is”? Remember PM Modi did that! PM Vajpayee did that! What did they get in return? Pathankot and Kargil! What was the result, pray? Pathankot and Kargil!! Your PM wants India to take the first step to initiate a dialog with your country! Why? You stopped “trade” with India (that always makes me laugh, the word TRADE. When a country has no money, there CAN NOT BE ANY SORT OF TRADE!!)

You then claim that India is responsible for the IMF not giving you the much-needed 1 billion USD in loans! Maybe you’re right! But, you’ve always said India is your “Rivayti Hareef” (Traditional Enemy). Enemies do that!! But, let me ask you a serious question. You owe multiple (I stopped counting after 6) organizations over 124 billion USD. How do you intend to pay it back? You don’t have ANY EXPORTS! Just saying “We need to export more” will not work! What exactly do you grow or manufacture in your country that is unique and belongs ONLY TO PAKISTAN!! Apart from that, you got it again, Jihadis, there’s absolutely NOTHING THAT THE WORLD GAINS FROM YOUR COUNTRY.

Finally, you seem to think there’s a BALANCE OF POWER between India and Pakistan. How? By your own COAS’s admission, most of your tanks are NOT BATTLEWORTHY, and according to him, have rusted! He continues and says, your country wouldn’t be able to handle any battles longer than 3 days! 3 DAYS!!! Where, or how, exactly did you imagine there was EVEN A SEMBLANCE OF BALANCE OF POWER????

In my next article, a continuation of this one, I will tell you how you can progress in this world. No, this has nothing to with Jihad, nothing to do with Islam but has to do with economic stability.

Till then, try to get to the ATTA lines (Lines for wheat supply) early in the morning; this way, your family MIGHT get to eat something that day.

To be continued…

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