My New Letter Series: Dear President Macron, Shutting Down Mosques, Not Cool, Monsieur!!

Monsieur, your country is known for liberal views and thoughts. Let's try to be liberal with the very conservative musulmane population

Monsieur, your country is known for liberal views and thoughts. Let's try to be liberal with the very conservative musulmane population
Monsieur, your country is known for liberal views and thoughts. Let's try to be liberal with the very conservative musulmane population

Dear President Emmanuel Macron,

Comment en somme-nous arrivés au point où nous avons dû fermer vingt cinq mosquées (How did we come to the point where we had to shut down twenty-five mosques)? I can understand warning people against what you perceive as irrational behavior, but to then act on it and shut down mosques!!! NOT COOL Monsieur Président!! Vous devriez apprendre des gouvernements indiens précédents (you should learn from previous indian governments)! Threaten but never act, that’s how India acted and it seemed to work, even if ONLY for about 10 minutes!! As you probably know, the last time a mosque was brought down in India, all hell broke loose, with the ruling government (Indian National Congress AKA INC) vehemently against this demolition. In fact, they sought to incriminate and jail the people that could commit such an act; the case was in the courts for over 20 years, for god’s sake! Your government should learn from the INC, rather than act like the current Indian government!! Mr. Modi is NOT the best role model for people! You should use The Crown Prince of the INC as your role model!

Monsieur, the people you’re trying to portray as animals, are in fact the most peaceful people one can find. Unfortunately, they’re not as educated as the rest of humanity; they deserve patience rather than brutal action like you took. It may look like these peaceful people want to take over France and the rest of Europe, but the truth is..well, the truth be damned! It is necessary that people, especially the people you’re targeting, be treated with more respect than the normal French citizen. After all, these people are guests in your country! Your previous administration welcomed these guests with open arms! India’s mainstream media has rightly pointed out that a country is only as well to do as the smallest of minorities; in your country, minorities are being subjugated to outrageous laws that make them feel they do not belong in your country. Granted, they don’t belong to your country but one should be courteous enough to make them feel good about themselves. In the bargain, if they end up making the majority look bad, so be it! India’s roughly 900 million Hindus will let you know they have not allowed this to harm “the fabric of a secular nation” (not sure what it means but it must mean something BIG since most politicians regurgitate this phrase)! In fact, most Hindus have pandered to this behavior; maybe you should try that.

Monsieur Président, wouldn’t you rather be known as a country that has truly liberated its’ people allowing them to practice their chosen faith, anywhere they chose to! So what if the Champs Élysées look like downtown Baghdad or, worse, Islamabad? The people are happy and that’s important. The majority will learn to adjust to the new reality. However, that new reality needs to be enforced by you and your government! Pakistan is right when they claim France is a country that has betrayed Muslims! Please don’t say that Pakistan should be the last country to say such things! Why? Because the minorities in that country don’t exist anymore; the foreign nationals are slaughtered in public! Are you serious, Monsieur? Would you really stoop down to that level? Especially with regard to “the ONLY nuclear Islamic country” in the world!! To answer your question, the people that were involved in the minor incidents that you refer to were immediately arrested and justice was served. Granted, the arrested people were released within a few days and were made to go underground. So what, you can’t be so nitpicking that you would look at that with a sense of ridicule. Each country has its own laws and so does Pakistan. Their laws may NOT be what you, nor your country, would agree to but you should ensure their concerns are addressed. So what if the original citizens of France feel undermined in the face of such resistance from the minorities!

Monsieur le President, même M K Gandhi était un leader pro-islamique. Ne devrais-tu pas le prendre comme ton idole? (Mr. President, even M K Gandhi was a pro-Islamic leader. Shouldn’t you take him as your idol?) Like he read the Koran in Hindu temples, you should read the Koran in your church(es). This will be a big hit with your guests. Please, don’t ask questions about whether Gandhi read the Bhagwad Gita in any mosques!! The mosques belong to India’s minorities and should not be disrespected by bringing books from other religions! That’s not applicable to temples and churches, as these religious institutions are not as pious nor sacrosanct as a mosque. We should look at the positive acts that M K Gandhi performed and shouldn’t try to make the positives look negative! Did I confuse you? Understandable, I was trying to formulate a profound thought and ended up confusing you! And Myself!!!

Monsieur Président, votre pays est connu pour ses opinions et ses pensées libérales. Essayons d’être libéral avec la population musulmane très conservatrice (your country is known for liberal views and thoughts. Let’s try to be liberal with the very conservative Muslim population). By that, I don’t mean for the French to get the guests to give up their conservative thoughts; it is more for the French population to become more liberal and give in to the demands of a guest population. The Indians did that with the previous government (the one that ended a glorious run in 2014 and allowed the ignominy of Narendra Modi’s anti-minority government to start). The French should learn from the majority of the Hindu majority; don’t let the so-called “misdeeds” of a minority make the majority think of changing a lackadaisical “doesn’t bother me as long as my immediate welfare is NOT affected” attitude. We now have more mosques than temples in India and the ENTIRE Hindu population is ecstatic about this.

Vive la France! Vive les minorités en france

(Long live France! Long live minorities in France). Specifically one particular minority sect.

God bless the USA. जय श्रीराम। जय सीयाराम। उत्तिष्ठ भारत। जय माँ भारती

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