National Herald case: Court issued notice to Sonia, Rahul on Swamy’s plea for summoning documents

#NHCase: Court issues notice to Congress Party to respond to Swamy's request for documents

#NHCase: Court issues notice to Congress Party to respond to Swamy's request for documents
#NHCase: Court issues notice to Congress Party to respond to Swamy's request for documents

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]N[/dropcap]ew Delhi Metropolitan Magistrate Court on Saturday issued notice to Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Vice President Rahul Gandhi and other five accused in National Herald case to respond to a fresh plea of BJP leader Subramanian Swamy seeking certain documents from the Congress party, Associated Journals Ltd (AJL) and Government departments. Magistrate directed all the accused to respond within two weeks and the case was fixed for arguments on October 4.

In his application, Swamy has sought a series of documents relating to the controversial loan given by the Congress to the AJL, the publisher of the National Herald. Swamy said in his petition that these documents are crucial for trial. He also sought documents from Income Tax and Registrar of Companies also.

Earlier trial court had summoned documents in January and February. But Congress leaders challenged the trial court’s order in High Court citing that they were not heard before issuing summoning. All the government departments had submitted documents in sealed covers. Delhi High Court had quashed the trail court summons citing error in procedures, while allowing Swamy to file fresh applications for the documents.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]S[/dropcap]eeking Rs. 90 crores ($13.4 million) controversial loan documents is a nightmare for Congress party because there was no proper accounting for this transaction, which was described as dubious and doubtful one by the trial court.

Putting Congress party and its leadership in a fix, Swamy has sought the Income Tax returns of Congress party during 2010-2011, the scam period. It is well known that these documents would create problems for the accused as it would puncture the Congress claims on giving loans for the newspaper publishing company. Besides political parties giving loan for commercial activity it is illegal as per Income Tax and Election Commission norms.

Moreover Sonia and Rahul would be in a spot of bother to explain the curious accounting by their company Young Indian’s takeover of Congress party’s loan claim of Rs.90 crores ($13.4 million) to AJL for just Rs.50 lakhs ($74,000).

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  1. From Feb to Oct 8 months only to decide on Documents. Scamgress in connivance will do everything to delay this case. No political criminal will be prosecuted in this country. Lalu,Raja,etc., in spite of conviction are scot free.
    See how the top court functions from one of the senior judges who had stopped attending the senior judges meeting.

  2. Good that pGurus blog provides us information on what exactly is going on in this case.I think you should continue this practice of giving us a clear account of court deliberations and their impact as we get highly truncated or distorted or even silence from main stream media on DrSwamy’s cases.They only scream when DrSwamy gets a negative ruling from court.Whether DrSwamy gets positive or negative progress on his court cases, Indian public are extremely keen to know what exactly is happing.You are doing a wonderful contribution in this regard.

  3. There comes a time in every one’s life when life seems to fall apart. The life’s accomplishment, aggrandizement tends towards a collapse and out of such situations mind shattering personalities and outcomes emerge. Emergency, dictatorship, assassinations, hermits emanate. Is Swamy’s predictable progress in his combat with nuclear abled entities opening a Pandora’s box that is tending for some muffled fatal notices. Swamy is a past master in smelling such situations aoens ahead of their occurrence. Now on he happens to be on the targeted end. The count down has begun. And a legion of wellwishers are looking up to him alone to ….

    • Let us not hold our breath on this ONE. With the juiciary as compromised as it is NOTHING is going to come out of it. How long has this legal battle been going on? It is a very clear cut, obvious case of MASSIVE CORRUPTION. Why has it been dragging on and on for sooo long and wasting the tax payers money? Unless the judicial system is FIXED they are all going to go scott free. Just for example look at the Jayalalita case, Lalu Yadav case, Mayavati they are still thundering and going strong. The Gandhis and their accomplices are many tims more powerful and vicious.


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