National Herald case – Swamy produces Income Tax authenticated documents puncturing Congress Rs.90 cr loan claim as evidence

More trouble for Sonia and Rahul Gandhi in the National Herald case?

More trouble for Sonia and Rahul Gandhi in the National Herald case?
More trouble for Sonia and Rahul Gandhi in the National Herald case?

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Saturday produced authenticated Income Tax department’s assessment order against Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi controlled firm Young Indian in the trial court as his evidence. Congress leaders’ lawyers objected vehemently when Swamy produced the 200 plus page Income Tax order which imposed fine on Young Indian of Rs.250 crore for hushing up the taxable income of Rs.415 crore earned through the acquisition of Associated Journals Limited (AJL), the publisher of National Herald newspaper in 2011.

Congress leaders’ lawyers RS Cheema and Rebecca John argued that the production of Income Tax documents is “beyond the pleading”. During his second day of deposition, Swamy submitted the Income Tax order in a sealed cover with a covering letter from Income Tax authorities to the Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Samar Vishal. Producing the document as his evidence, Swamy said that the Income Tax findings clearly says that Congress claim of Rs.90 crore to AJL was a total lie and non-existent one. This lie was floated to take over the AJL by Sonia and Rahul Gandhi by floating Young Indian.

“My investigations into the claim of AJL revealed that the AJL claimed to have received Rs.90 crore as loan from AICC has not been substantiated by either the account books of AJL or the of the Congress party. This was investigated by the Income Tax authorities and they had rejected the claim that such a loan was received by AJL from the AICC,” said Swamy while producing the Income Tax authenticated assessment order.

The previous week, P Chidambaram appearing on behalf of Sonia Gandhi claimed that Rs.90 crore was paid to AJL by Congress through 137 cheques during the past 10 years from 2004. The Additional Solicitor General Tushar Mehta countered that this was a bogus claim and was not yet supported by any documents and both parties have not proved this, though Income Tax gave them sufficient time.

After the arguments and counter-arguments on the  acceptability of the Income Tax Order, the Magistrate observed that court can check the authenticity of the document by summoning the signatories of the officials in the submitted documents. In his one hour long second day of pieces of evidence, Swamy also produced documents of Congress claim of Rs.90 crore loan. This document was earlier submitted by Sonia Gandhi in Supreme Court, challenging the summons of the trial court in 2015. Countering the objections of Congress lawyers, Swamy said that he was only submitting the documents submitted by “you people” in the Supreme Court.

He also produced the documents of AJL’s resolution by issuing its 99.1 percent shares to Young Indian and claiming that none of the AJL’s directors have interest in Young Indian’s Board. But all the AJL Directors Motilal Vora, Oscar Fernandez, Suman Dubey and Sam Pitroda became the Directors Young Indian, said Swamy. The Congress lawyers objected to most of the documents produced by Swamy even the same leadership in Congress party, AJL and Young Indian. For further evidence, the Court had scheduled the next date on September 17.

Meanwhile, Motilal Vora again filed a petition against Swamy for tweeting against them and about the case matters.

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  1. The irony is that Dr Subramanian Swamy has done all the spade work, detailed research, initiated the case in the Court against the politically well connected powerful criminals / Italian Mafia of Congress BEFORE 2014. The NDA Govt did not render any help / assistance to Dr Swamy in the entire National Herald case and tried to put as many hurdles in the way of Dr Swamy’s efforts in NH_YI_AJL case, to halt its progress in the Court. It was Dr Swamy’s untiring and determined efforts in pursuing the case before the trial Court, that is going to fetch punishment for the Italian mafia Sonia_Pappu Raul duo soon (Hopefully on 17-09-2018) for their perfidy and treacherous acts. They have the temerity to rent out the National Herald premises to Passport Office, MEA, GOI and are getting crores of rupees as Rent, without carrying on any National Herald publication. The political benefits of National Herald case are going to be harvested by the Na kaavungaa and Kaana devungaa camp, without rendering any help to Dr Swamy. I request RSS leadership to make a note of Dr Swamy’s yeoman Selfless service for our Nation – be it Ram Mandir issue, Sethu Project, detecting Himalayan corruption cases like 2G licences, Coal mining licenses given by UPA Govt and their cancellation by SC. RSS should direct Narendra Modi to induct Dr Swamy in his Council of Ministers, though he is above 70 yrs of age, he is PHYSICALLY FIT & MENTALLY ALERT, when compared to most of the ailing incumbent Ministers, possesses unimpeachable integrity, vast knowledge, rich experience and manifest competence in all matters of Governance including Economics, Foreign Policy, Political matters. Our Country will be IMMENSELY BENEFITTED if he is in the Government. Next Lok Sabha Election in 2019, Dr Swamy be requested to contest from prestigious New Delhi Lok Sabha constituency on behalf of BJP.

    To use the phrase of Mr Arun Jaitley, unlike disgruntled & dejected souls like Shri Yashwant Sinha, Shri Arun Shourie, Dr Subramanian Swamy is NOT a CAREER NATIONALIST. He is effectively rendering real Service to our Nation. He is NOT running after / craving for POWER & PELF. If PM Modi ignores him, then our Country is the LOSER.

    • At least, Subramanian Swami , should be made MINISTER WITHOUT PORTFOLIO – advising all departments
      in national interests; in 2019 and beyond – if not given BJP ticket to contest in 2019 election ! He deserves Thank You from nation! Kanubhai Jadav

  2. We hope the hard work by Sri Subramaniam swamy will lead to logical end and hope all the culprits again hatch things collectively in the jail

  3. May mother India have all political leaders and PM like respected Swamy and Shri Narendra Modi.

    They both have been fighting for our country.

    May swami and Modi live for 100 years of healthy life and prepare someone as their successors for the nation to continue the great work to make India the world leader again.

  4. This date – 08/25/2018 will be proved very harmful to mr .Rahul Gandhi in particular because, he showed his PM material in UK/German lectures but now, if Tushar Mehta proved that BOGUS claim of Rs. 90 crore loan to YI from AICC is true then Subramaniam Swami proved Sonia Gandhi ‘s case argued by P Chidambaram (Last
    week) is also Bogus…. not true; not substantiated by book keeping of YI or AICC ?? Next hearing, Sept. 17 will be decisive , hopefully Swami and Tushar Mehta prove YI and National Herald case against Gandhi family, then huge fine plus Jail Terms for Rahul and mother Sonia Gandhi and others in Jail ??? as claimed by Swami. Interesting turning point; Stay TUNED.

  5. Government should seriously consider TELECASTING of all scam / corruption cases involving Political figures & bureaucrats.

    This will effectively expose how the ‘tainted UPA Mafia’ is misusing the ‘legal loopholes & provisions’ to delay, defer the court proceedings in the Multi-billion scams involving their members.

    This will also partially restrain or discourage Corrupt Judges who brazenly acquit / discharge corrupt Netas – obviously after receiving huge kickbacks.

    The perverted Judgments discharging the accused in 2G, Aircel Maxis cases & Illegal Telephone Lines cases are examples of alarming Judicial scams .

    A thorough probe on the activities & properties of the Judges who sold such ‘malignant’ & ‘shattering’ verdicts should be ordered.

    • Right, we urgently need not only to just dig the graves but also put some rascals in them and close the graves. Your impatience about empty graves is fully understandable.
      I’ll go a step further and say that since real estate is expensive in our capital, these graves must be reserved for the big thugs like some of the accused in some of these cases.

    • No, not by digging graves, but by rooting out all the garbage and the insects living on that stinking garbage will Bharat become a superpower.

  6. “””For further evidence, the Court had scheduled the next date on Sept 17″”” – What is this nonsense???

    Why one month time before the next hearing – especially while dealing with a SERIOUS FRAUD CASE indulged in by the people in HIGHEST POWER CENTERS???

    Why are these SERIOUS FRAUD CASES not transferred to FAST TRACK COURTS

  7. sorry in my earlier posting the word “before” should be changed to “after” by mistake I have written before instead of writing after 22 Jan 2011

  8. I am still have only one clarification on the National herald case. The point is when (date?) AJL passed a resolution to allot shares against the loan of Rs 90.21 crores to YI. Please note resolution for allotment and actual allotment of shares can 2 different dates. So I need the date of Resolution passed. If that is before 22nd Jan 2011 ( when Mr Motilal Vora was inducted as director in YI), then there is a real problem. Since while passing the resolution Mr Motilal vora was a director in AJL. If the resolution is passed by AJL before 22nd Jan 2011, then he is clearly an interested director. So if he does not disclose his interest or falsely says “not an interested director” then the case becomes strong.

  9. The point that bothers me is that neither Amit Shah nor the other BJP leaders shoe any interest on his pusuit. If mr. Swamy is successful in getting them convicted they will use this as a poll issue. BJP leaders are the same as scamgress. Sorry to say. No Media covered this news.

  10. Sir, Its very important development. Other f.b and tweeter, many like would like to share this matter on whats app, telegram gmail etc. so that the truth reaches millions. Kindly consider. Sir If required we can send our mobile number/s.

  11. The kind of manipulation done in thisnational herald case is certainly not the direct effort of sonia and ragul,because borh are uneducated to understand such complex manouvers as seen now. Hence not only sonia and ragul need to be punished but all of those who perpetrated these acts too

  12. Sir, I would be obliged if a” PIL” is be put in ” Honourable Supreme Court” to direct Govt of India,to make law against persons making baseless derogatory comments/speeches against our nation/ Government, to make such persons to undergo NARCOTIC TEST. Because allegedly unimaginable things are spoken in various platforms in the foreign lands,whenever they are going abroad.

  13. Dr Swamy amazes the nation with his incisive research, arguments and persistence!

    May he live for 100 years!!

    For those who may believe I’m from Dr Swamy’s Team, I’m not even in his outer circle.


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