PM Modi meets Jammu and Kashmir leaders. Nothing conclusive, just talks in general, say many leaders – everything after delimitation process, says HM Amit Shah

A waste of time, meeting leaders from J&K and not inviting the most affected parties, Kashmiri Hindus

A waste of time, meeting leaders from J & K and not inviting the most affected parties, Kashmiri Hindus
A waste of time, meeting leaders from J & K and not inviting the most affected parties, Kashmiri Hindus

Modi-Kashmir leaders meet – First such high-level interaction since 5 August 2019

Two years after scrapping Article 370, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday held a crucial meeting with 14 political leaders of Jammu and Kashmir, including four former Chief Ministers, to chalk out the future course of action in the union territory. The meeting is the first between the Centre and mainstream Jammu and Kashmir politicians after the abrogation of Article 370 and the division of the erstwhile state into two union territories in August 2019. According to many leaders who attended the meeting, nothing specific or nothing conclusive and talks were in general and exchanged pleasantries only.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval were among those attending the meeting at the Prime Minister’s residence. P K Mishra, principal secretary to the Prime Minister, and Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla have also attended the meeting.

It is well known that the BJP led Central Government is not going back from Article 370 and Gupkar Alliance can only demand.

The four former Chief Ministers of Jammu and Kashmir who participated in the discussions were Farooq Abdullah, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti. “I will keep my agenda in the meeting and then talk to you,” Farooq Abdullah said before the meeting started.

Asked about PDP chief Mehbooba’s comments that India should initiate dialogue with Pakistan, the NC leader said, “Mehbooba Ji is the president of her party. She has the right to speak. I have my own. I don’t want to bring in Pakistan. I am going to talk to our own Prime Minister.”

“If India can talk to the Taliban in Doha (Qatar)[1], why not Pakistan,” Mehbooba had said earlier. With no agenda announced for the meeting, the leaders from Jammu and Kashmir said they have come with an open mind. “We have not been given an agenda. We will be attending the meeting to know what the Centre is offering,” said CPI(M) leader Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami, a spokesperson of the six-party People’s Alliance for Gupkar Declaration (PAGD) and among the 14 leaders invited.

After 3 hours of meeting, Home Minister Amit Shah said Assembly elections will take place after the Delimitation process. He said statehood is promised in Parliament and this would happen only after the Delimitation process and peaceful elections, Amit Shah Tweeted after the meeting:

It is well known that the BJP led Central Government is not going back from Article 370 and Gupkar Alliance can only demand. As far as giving statehood to Jammu and Kashmir, it is possible only after the Delimitation process is over[2]. It is widely known that the ongoing Delimitation process will take at least two years to finish in the finalization of assembly segments. With all these prevailing conditions, nothing much can be accepted on today’s talk as the troubled Kashmir valley is now witnessing peace after the scrapping of Article 370, leading to the full-fledged deployment of forces.


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[2] Delimitation in J&K: What is it and Where Does the Process Stand?Jun 21, 2021, The Quint

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  1. If its all party meet then who represented interest of Kasmir Pandits, Dogras????? were all political parties invited??? What is the use when domicile gazette notfication says people who have stayed in J&K UT for 15 years are only domiciles and have sole rights over all rank govt jobs. As good Art 370 put in place via backdoor. Kashmiri can come and get jobs any state but same is not true for other state domiciles.

  2. Kudos to Pgurus. Last week Pgurus columnist Hari Om ji penned a cautioning article on the much touted meeting – now after the meeting coined it as “Naya Kashmir” by the confused brains!!!!

    When in trouble James Bond NSA Ajit Doval ji pulls up a rabbit out of the Old RSS hat because PM Modi and HM Shah are sick of hearing failed attempt to at least get a hung assembly results in WB State and mishandling Covid second wave and their larger than life images took a heavy poundings internationally also( of their own making)!! While EAM was meeting Talibans simultaneously and someone was meeting in USA coinciding with Naya Kashmir meeting!

    This meeting was convened to showcase that Modi-Shah are still in the battleground despite PK’s kho kho game played with non-BJP parties in the country.

    This meeting on Naya Kashmir is akin to JN Nehru taking issue to UN!! GOI seems to be under an institutionalized cowardice in EAM and MoH dishing out further news bytes towing the same by Bakistan internationally over the years!

    On 5th August 2019 under an excellent planetary positions and efforts article 370 and 35A were thrown out ONLY TO USHER in a NEW LEADERSHIP, new Ideas and development thereby defeating terrorism, human suicide-bombs which was not heard a decade ago etc in JK State!

    GOI met all highly corrupt F4 Family satraps thereby defeating its own principled stand taken on 5th Aug 2019! BJP time and again proved that it also sleeps with anti-nationals just like Congress-I. Terrorist supporting crooks were also invited ! Why Modi Shah failed to invite Kashmiri Pandits as a guests to attend Naya Kashmir meeting? Are Pandits not part and parcel of Kashmir? GOI and JK admin must understand that prevailing somewhat peaceful atmosphere now in Kashmir is an illusion only. Another Principled Stand will also come back biting future generations such as who will counter and annex POK and China occupied Kashmir and UK parliament discussion on repealing 370 and 35A and Human rights brigade in USA.

    GOI should have waited for another year instead of convening an exchange of pleasantries meeting which could have done Virtually and results would have been the same an illusion!

  3. A show put on by the duo Modi and Shah for public consumption.
    What is surprising is that Swamy is allowing this state of affairs to continue . He has enough dope including about Mukesh Ambani.
    If the country continues under their tutelage, it is curtains.


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