Prime Minister orders CBDT to probe Chidambaram family under Black Money and Benami Act

Based on the letters written by Dr. Swamy on illegal assets of Chidambaram, the PM has ordered CBDT and Revenue Secretary to act immediately

Based on the letters written by Dr. Swamy on illegal assets of Chidambaram, the PM has ordered CBDT and Revenue Secretary to act immediately
Based on the letters written by Dr. Swamy on illegal assets of Chidambaram, the PM has ordered CBDT and Revenue Secretary to act immediately

PM orders CBDT to probe illegal assets of the Chidambaram family

The noose tightens on Chidambaram family for illegal amassment of assets across the Globe. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has directed the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) Chairman to probe into the illegal assets of Chidambaram family and 21 illegal foreign bank accounts of Karti and his companies under the new Black Money Act and Benami Act.

Swamy has accused that certain top people in Finance Ministry are protecting Chidambaram and hushed-up the explosive findings of the Income Tax (IT) for the past six months.

The Prime Minister’s direction was based on the recent three complaints filed by BJP leader Subramanian Swamy citing the findings of Income Tax’s Chennai Unit’s findings on the properties and assets amassed by former Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s family members in 14 countries. Producing the findings of the 200 page report of the Income Tax Act, Swamy demanded that the “corrupt family” be booked under the new Black Money Act and Benami Act by Income Tax under CBDT, apart from Prevention of Corruption Act, Disproportionate Asset Case by CBI and Prevention of Money Laundering Act by Enforcement Directorate.

Modi has directed Revenue Secretary and the CBDT Chairman to initiate necessary action immediately. Swamy has accused that certain top people in Finance Ministry are protecting Chidambaram and hushed-up the explosive findings of the Income Tax (IT) for the past six months.

“The IT report finds that these huge assets were acquired by corruption and bribes taken when Chidambaram was Finance and Home Minister during the period 2004 to 2014. The huge foreign properties, vineyards, hotels, farmhouses were bought in London, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Spain, France and Greece like countries (up to 14), all acquired using black money from abuse of power.

“Hence apart from charging the Chidambarams under Prevention of Corruption Act, Disproportionate Assets (DA) case, Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA), it is also necessary to prosecute them under the new Black Money Act and the new Benami Act,” said Swamy.

Already the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has informed the Supreme Court about initiating action against Chidambaram in Aircel-Maxis scam. The joint raid of IT and ED in Karti’s companies in connection with Aircel-Maxis scam has unearthed the huge illegal assets of Chidambaram’s family.

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  1. I am sure that the overseas NRI is watching all the drama unfolding in front of his eyes now and will soon will be in the position to take the necessary legal steps to go against PChiddu, SGandhi, MMS, PranabM, APatel, AJaitley, LK Advani, Azad (Congress),etc. You can count on it.

  2. PC & Co has been looting national wealth, escaping just because of his political influence. PC is not only involved in wealth accumulation case..he has to be deeply investigated on Ishrat Jahan case too. S.Swamy has done a fabulous bringing out PC’s hidden “treasure island” to the light. Now its very clear…that there has been involvement of accumulating illegal wealth. It would be great go to deep dive investigation..chances…other politicians like him might get caught

  3. P.Chidambatam is one of the honest polticians now. He is leading the attack on BJP government. It is said Karti has got Rs 10 lakhs in ImX deal which is the cost of the dress PM got as present from some source. While Karti has denied BJP has accepted the gift received by Modi. He gave it to auction only after public hue and cry. If Mr Modi is clean then Mr Chidambaram is 1000 times more clean than him. BJP thinks that it can silence PCji but it will rejuvenate him and the opposition. They can not cheat the people all the time as they did in 2G case. Immasculated BJP to the core.

  4. This is simply to restrict PC, who is probably the only vociferous opposition with subject and respect! A bullying tactic… nothing else.

    • Chidambaram is the most corrupt person and he has done all that he can do being a FM to loot the country. He has a hand in the stock market Harsad Mehta scandal, Stamp paper scandal, Lic Ulip policy undervaluation scandal and also in Vasan eye care and dental care chain of hospitals and many more.

  5. people who commented here need to understand how serious issue. chidambaram is not like bakari ka baccha jao doado or pakad dao..

    chidmabaram must have dip connection with global crony capitalist and those people looting india since many year. they must have there people in all over government. if obama can insist to keep raghu raman you can image what is going on in india.

  6. Even his MP post from Siva Ganga constituency was still the SECRET.
    “படிச்சவன் #பாவம் செய்தால் ஐயோன்னு போவான்”
    மகா கவி பாரதி

  7. Sack the entire FINANCE MINISTRY right from Arun Juteley to the Tea Boy
    Recruit a totally new team consisting of the brightest finance graduates, even if fresh, from the leading Institutes of India.
    Initiate a TIME BOUND & TARGET BOUND investigation of all such dealings.
    Otherwise it is impossible to nab this crook called CHIDAMBARAM

  8. What was expected is happening. There should not be any loopholes while building and presenting the case.PCs chelas should not be a part of the Investigation team. Shakthikanth Das and his gang to be asked to stay away from the probing team.

    • Arun Jaitley is the mail culprit who acts as a TROJAN HORSE for UPA inside the NDA.

      Arun Jaitley should be sacked immediately.

      Arun Jaitleys parleys with NDTV are well known.

      unconfirmed but reliable sources say that Arun Jaitley is an agent of Sonia Gandhi.

      Arun Jaitley’s persistent refusal to make the LIST OF INDIAN BLACK MONEY HOLDERS (given by the German Government) public confirms the suspicion. This list is said to contain the names of big heads in the UPA.

  9. No one should be out of inquiry as suggested by swamy.every person who is associated with misappropriation,bribes,benami wealth creation with the help of his or her post in govt earlier or continuing must be taken care of under laws of land.

  10. Time will prove the fairness and intentions of Narendra Modi. No body can touch him with a Barge Pole,and this time Dr Swamy has all the ammunition required to fire on all fours. The courts should also endeavour to do justice at the end of the day by being honest with themselves.

  11. Greed is the greatest sin. If politicians limit their greed, the world would have been a much better place to live in. All good wishes to our dear PM NaMo for his relentless fight against corruption and black money.

  12. Politicians ex or current should be prosecuted for their amazed wealth. Most Most of the politicians are filing IT returns which is no way correct. Politicians Binami assets should be brought to the public notice. Most of the politicians amassed wealth and there is no stringent act to seize the properties. Will the Modi Govt bring surgical strike on movable & immovable properties of politicians.

  13. Narendra Modi is an exception but most of the people in power have such ill gotten properties.Also, question is how far the investigations go?Will it be taken to logical conclusion one way or the other is it just for “uchalo” purpose for perception effect and nothing more as seen in case of Robert Vadra.

  14. Ideally PM should also initiate actions against those in Finance Ministry whom Dr Swamy is alleging as blocking the investigations for quite sometime. Becos protecting the corrupt is even more punishable. But will he do it or Dr Swamy can write one more letter to him with names?
    Anyway Looks like PM is timing these actions in preparation for 2019 having already crossed 60% of his tenure.
    Have little hope that these would be meaningful conclusive probes but anyway something is better than nothing and let PM atleast create a make believe perception..

  15. There is nothing like Chidambara Rahasya. Everyone knows the truth. Only evidence and proof are required. But this may not be the case with PC only but may be true of many politicians and babus who were connected with the earlier governments. Just guess it…. why certain babus of Finance ministry should try to protect PC? Something’s stumble out, something’s don’t.

  16. Take any Politicians, irrespective of party lines, the probe should go on to reveal their amazing creation of illegal assets and relavent source of incomes.

    Poor public will come to know how much we are looted in all respects. !!!

    Thanks to Modiji,.
    Will he be limited to his opponents, what about own partymens contribution in this regard.

  17. The Wily PC is a better at escaping the noose because he is well versed withthenuances of fiscal matters. He can handle CBI and CBDT etc easily as he has a coterie working for him. By the ice investigation is coming to an end and charge sheet is filed he will come back to power and close the case.

  18. Politicians should be asked to inform IT Dept whenever they or their family members have purchased any thing costing more than two lakhs.Any thing found in their names which were not informed must be confiscated.

    • Why only politicians .Everybody shud do it .But CBDT itself is a biggest corrupt dept. The present officials are all appointees of Cong.Govt in which P.Chidambaram was a minister for decades in many capacities .So nothing will happen .

      • Exactly..50 years ruled India by Congress. 5 years rulers are having amazed properties.just think what could 50 years rulers have. Unless punishment are heavy for traitors to Indian economy or corruption like terrorism. No propotionate big change happens may be a long term change only


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