Swamy urges PM to prosecute Chidambaram and family under new Black Money and Benami Acts also

Swamy writes to the PM asking him to prosecute P Chidambaram under the new Black Money and Benami Acts

Swamy writes to the PM asking him to prosecute P Chidambaram under the new Black Money and Benami Acts
Swamy writes to the PM asking him to prosecute P Chidambaram under the new Black Money and Benami Acts

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]S[/dropcap]tepping up his attack on Chidambaram, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy urged Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi to book the former Finance Minister and his family under the new Black Money Act and the new Benami Act, citing the huge amassing of assets abroad. Swamy in his letter said that the findings of the Income Tax Department on Chidambaram and his family is a clear case of fixing them under the new Acts passed recently.

The BJP leader had recently brought out a 200 page Income Tax report detailing the 21 foreign bank accounts and huge properties amassed by Chidambaram and family members across the Globe.

Swamy asked the PM to give directions to the Revenue Secretary for prosecuting Chidambaram, son Karti and wife Nalini under the new Black Money and Benami Acts for secret foreign bank accounts and assets in 14 countries.

“The IT report finds that these huge assets were acquired by corruption and bribes taken when Chidambaram was Finance and Home Minister during 2004 to 2014. The huge foreign properties, vineyards, hotels, farmhouses were bought in London, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Spain, France and Greece etc. about 14 countries, all black money acquired by abuse of power.”

“Hence apart from charging the Chidambarams under Prevention of Corruption Act, Disproportionate Assets case, Prevention of Money Laundering Act, it is also necessary to prosecute them under the new Black Money Act and the new Benami Act,” said Swamy.

The BJP leader had recently brought out a 200 page Income Tax report detailing the 21 foreign bank accounts and huge properties amassed by Chidambaram and family members across the Globe. He had accused that certain people in the Finance Ministry were protecting Chidambaram from prosecution and urged the PM to give stern directions to CBI, ED and IT to take action immediately.

Swamy letter to the PM is published below:

Swamy letter to the PM re: Chidambaram

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  2. About 7 years back i heard a true tale of an atrocity done by Nalini, Chidambaram’s wife
    In those days i thought that PC must be some staunch Gandjian, from the public image, attire he nurtured.

    So i did not fully believe. at that time the tale spoken by. a. close aquaintane of mine Dr. Thampy, Director of Dept. of Archeology in Trivandrum.
    He once told me with much grief about his brother a brilliant officer of the central govt., his career was ruined and his body is paralysed as he was beaten up badly in Delhi by goons sent by Nalini because he happened to expose some malpractice conducted by PC and family when he was the FO there.
    Dr Thampy is no more now and his brother spent long time in hospital, lost his job…
    Dr Thampy’s father.was a distinguished person and was secretary to a Chief Minister of Kerala.
    Dr Thampy was well known in Trivandrum Cultural Forums and was a regular visitor in Performing Art programs at the Nishagandhi and other auditoriums.
    He had no reasons to bluff me about this tale of his brother
    Dr Swamy and PGuru may enquire and get correct facts of this heinous act by PC and family.
    Such false political culture should not be allowed in India, a third world country now gravitating upwards i think.
    Apart from awarding punishment to opportunist crooks in public services much positive steps need to be taken up politically to upgrade indian society life…
    such as giving much info from the educational places..regarding the four aims of human life..dharma, artha, kama and moksha..
    These sciences ought to be taught from school levels…
    Not just Hindu Dharma ..The Perennial Religion…All religions..
    It should be acceptable to West and East..
    A Higher Great India

  3. I don’t think, Modi is gone to take any action against PC family under Benami act. He himself is scared of these peoples, the PM who didn’t even listen a single word of Dr. SWAMY, HOW is he gone to act on a powerful suggestion. I don’t have faith in Modi over Crushing corrupt Congress politicians..

  4. What is surprising is dr.swamy has been sending a lot of information about chidambaram ‘s fraud but the PM has not even acknowledged it by replying to swamy.

  5. If Modi govt even delays action, common man has to conclude that justice delayed is justice denied. So I exhort PM Modi to set the wheels of justice in motion.

  6. If I’m right, PM follows the principle (right or wrong) that neither he nor anyone from his party will initiate (or speed up) any cases against political opponents; he wants all cases to be taken up and pursued by the bureaucratic system, even if it’s unreliable and slow. PM even mentioned this in one of his TV interviews.

    Once can question the correctness or wisdom of this stand, but I think he’s been following it consistently.

    • So he is also an ‘escapist’ or typical status quo Lutyen neta eventually then. Only mannerism,jargons are used differently.

  7. To take action on common men, system is very prompt but to take action on power holders ,who have misused their power and gathered unlimited wealth or ex. System is absolutely silent.the power holders should be our role model…They are short of nothing, still they are endlessly greedy…They must be treated like normal lutere and punished accordingly…Turant..Delays in action will help them find escape like VM, SM,….Etc.
    Why should a common men pay tax, if system is unable to use it properly…???

  8. I think the politicians in Delhi are thick as thieves regardless of their political affiliations. It is a classic case of you scratch my back and I would your’s! Modi has to confront the crooks in his party first before taking on his opponents.

    • This is an inappropriate comment disregarding the protocol of showing respect to our PM whoever he is. Nat Krishna should clarify how he went about attacking Dr.Man Mohan Singh both in the 2G Scam and Coal Scam .
      Government as such and the PM in particular cannot just pass orders without a study of the various legal ramifications ( not political) before actions are initiated. PC will try to block this by going to the Supreme Court. As there is suspicion that some civil servants are still in cahoots with PC, the present Government will have to act smartly and legally.
      You can count on Rahulji holding a protest march shouting ” Modi’d Political Vendetta”

  9. Our P.M, is not a puppet.Obviously he has constraints in as much as to make the case airtight.I have great faith In Dr Swamy who is THE one man army fighting corruption on many fronts. He would not have been nominated to Rajya sabha,had Modiji not trusted him.I feel they are working in tandem and i am very confident that we will see the results soon enough.

    • Swamy outside the BJP would be Modi’s nemesis. In my opinion Modi had no choice but to nominate him and hope to quell him. As for a clean image without any incidents like the Gujarat riot, scams like Sahara etc, it is only Swamy who has it. And Swamy is his own man unlike Modi.

  10. Dr Swamy’s hard work will go completely wasted if no action is taken against the Chidambarams’s. Just like Vijay Mallaya and Lalit Modi hiding in London, this high profile target needs to be taken down so that the best example of a deterrent can be placed in front of corrupt bureaucrats and general public. Public money looting has to be stopped for the country to start progressing. To this end Dr Swamy’s tireless work is very valuable.

  11. No one would believe this Govt under Modi if action is not taken immediately. One can think of only 2 possibilities here.
    1. Someone/team of political advisers close to PM or Modi himself is thinking that by timing the action just before 2019 polls people would remember more strongly so that he would get victory again for another 5yr term then this would be a major mistake in the history.
    Because most people would think/believe that actions just before polls are simply a “make-believe” drama/coverup and so it would backfire drastically.
    2.Second possibility is that some serious drawback/limitation in BJP as a political party working style and a great fear/panic of ramifications is forcing PM to keep quiet and be in a state like “Let’s cross the bridge when it comes..” attitude. i.e Leave it to courts/law of land to take its due course..


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