Shocker! The IT Officer who exposed NDTV Tax frauds transferred

NDTV friendly officers in the Finance Ministry transfer the Assessing Officer and DC-IT who has been handling the case for the past six years

NDTV friendly officers in the Finance Ministry transfer the Assessing Officer and DC-IT who has been handling the case for the past six years
NDTV friendly officers in the Finance Ministry transfer the Assessing Officer and DC-IT who has been handling the case for the past six years

Time for PMO to intervene

In a shocking development today, the Income Tax Officer who has been assessing the NDTV Tax fraud cases,  Assessing Officer and Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax Bhupinderjit Kumar, has been transferred to an unimportant section handing judicial cases. Bhupinderjit Kumar has been working for the past 6 years handing the NDTV’s tax frauds and had slapped a fine of around Rs.860 crores[1] and attached 30 percent shares of the corrupt TV channel[2], held by Prannoy Roy’s shell company RRPR Holding Private Limited.

It is high time the PMO plugged the crooked and corrupt activities of top officers in Finance Ministry.

Recently the honest officer started recovery and criminal proceedings against NDTV and its promoters like Prannoy Roy wife Radhika Roy, who are facing an Income Tax fine of Rs.30 crores each[3]. To prevent the recovery action and to thwart instituting criminal prosecution, all the corrupt people have forced Finance Ministry under Arun Jaitley to remove Bhupinderjit Kumar.

According to many officers in the Income Tax department, Bhupinderjit Kumar was initiating criminal action against NDTV promoters if the dues were not paid by March 31, 2018. He was also moving files for recovering the balance. The 30 percent attachment of NDTV shares was valued only at about Rs.80 crores and the Income Tax officers were planning to attach the immovable properties also. It is a known thing in the Income Tax officers that for the past four years, Prannoy Roy has been lobbying for getting the non-pliable Bhupinderjit Kumar from his post.

A few months back, the Finance Ministry had transferred Income Tax Commissioner Sanjay Mishra from NDTV’s Tax circle. After BJP leader Subramanian Swamy’s complaint, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) had reinstated the Income Tax Commissioner.

It is high time the PMO plugged the crooked and corrupt activities of top officers in Finance Ministry.


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  1. what pGurus are not aware is that NDTV is already sold it’s majority stake and is now controlled by the BJP. Wy would the government in power want a recovery from one of it’s channels.

  2. PMO should not only intervene and reinstate this officer but transfer those who are responsible for this act. How come in this day and age with BJP in power, this can happen?

  3. Can anyone pl explain what’s the beef with ndtv? Except which was owned by Sree Iyer till April 30 , 2016 and now hidden behind Porxy, no one seems to be tracking all the nuances of the case so deeply. Was Sree Iyer or Gurumurthy slighted by ndtv in past?

  4. 2019 loksabha elections are fast approaching and therefore it will be suicidal for the government to ignore lapses in the investigations in cases of big corruption. It’s true that PM Narendra Modi is sincere in wiping out corruptipn. Investigations on corruption of highly influential entities are to be entrusted to special teams formed with honest and efficient officers as soon as possible. In any case, transferring such officers to unimportant sections will do great harm to the government. It’s absolutely necessary for PM Narendra Modi to intervene.

    • This is exactly what I have been thinking. I am sore that Modi Sarkar has not brought to book any of the major corrupt politicians and media crooks owing allegiance to the UPA who were neck-deep in corruption! I suspect that there are some back-stabbers who are sabotaging the positive actions in this direction. PM Modi must intervene in this matter immediately!

  5. What more to say.. Another crooks goes out of the court room laughing.. Maran brothers are acquitted by the CBI court today in the setting up and using an illegal exchange case.. Reason being that the prosecution could not convince with evidence on the charges made. This seems to be so standard and common that in every case the judges find the evidence not good and CBI after delaying for years come with something that is not convincing and tamely accepting the verdict and closing the case.. Every bloody thing is fixed with money.. They can do all this when they are out of power.. Imagine how things would be when they are in power.. But the next and only question is that this is the only reason people voted for Modi and BJP>. Either they used the emotions of the people and actually never meant what they spoke (highly likely as most in BJP as as corrupt and hand in glove with cong in some scam or other) or they are just incapable bunch of loud mouths

  6. BJP is hitting on its own foot & confidence on Narendra Modi ability to deliver justice has misearably failed & it is halo is waning. Cannot & no longer trust BJP on honesty parameter. They are stooge of Reliance group which is a shadow company.

  7. All this is a joke played on the honest people in this country. IT, CBI, ED all have a poor record of prosecuting the moneyed class. The hapless people of the country are being fooled again and again with amazing regularity. Shame on all of us.

  8. Not surprising. Jaitley is nothing but Chidambaram in ‘pyjamas”. He will turn to be Modi’s biggest liability. The Defence Ministry made some very quick moves for the betterment under a very sharp minded Parrikar. He too was moved out with one pretext or another and now fate too is playing cruel with him with illness.. Modi has barely a couple of clean, good intended ministers while the rest have shadowy past and bedded with the worst. Every move for the good is killed by Fin Min.. The case against Karti Chidambaram or Nirav Modi – all will end the same way.. The only swift way will be to nationalise every asset by indian in India or overseas which is not declared or legitimate.. No point in following them each with a case in our courts. A life time is not enough to clean the muck. Reliance is coming into the glare with deeper investigations of NDTV and this makes it harder even for Modi and Shah duo to stand up.. If NDTV probe goes deeper it will show that Reliance is the defacto owners of NDTV.. 4 years and watching, Modi needs to stand up and take a stand and a whip.. Jaitley has left his imprint on selective implementation of Demonetisation against crooks as well

  9. As a common man I strongly believe that,all defence deals struck during his temp tenure as in charge defence minister which includes rafaale deal are not clean deals and the arms dealers of jetly club must have made cores of rupees.At the end of the day BJP would finish it’s innings with a major defeat in 2019 election.They did nothing and preferred to continue with Congi policy coupled up with a lot of advertisement.They preferred to run the government with chamcha ministers got their berth in the ministry through Rajya Sabha (not elected by people).

    • It is your bias against NaMo which makes you say that he did nothing in the last 4yrs.!He has done so much more than what the previous UPA Govt did in 10yrs.How can you equate the corrupt UPA Govt with the clean track-record of BJP-NDA?

  10. Mr. Jaitley is beoming a liability to PM Modi and is disappointing . It’s time his ministry is closely monitored and remedial measures are taken then and there before he becomes a disaster. PM’S BEST WORK AND intentions will come to naught because of FM’s failures.

  11. Many appreciations to PGURUS for highlighting important issues!!!

    On the flip side, it is now known among common public that this government has not done anything to match up their words….and the result too will be obvious!

    • You are forgetting that the hidden state is too strong for the current govt to act swiftly. 60+ years of corrupt practices have resulted in crooks at all levels (incl judiciary & investigating agencies), it is simply not possible to change the system quickly. The reason why congress (architect of the corruption) is laughing is, they have people everywhere ready to act. It is clear in many cases more so in Chidambaram’s case when CBI officers found their court submission documents in his house. We all need patience and should provide our full support to this govt till the system is changed.

      • Hmm for how long you will take this burden of stating all are corrupt. Modi had 4 years to clear corruption. It needs no brains but ‘balls’.

      • You are right! We should continue to extend our unflinching support to the Modi Sarkar and not be misled by the corrupt pseudo-secular politicians and media crooks! It is the interest of the nation that matters most!

  12. Pm should take note of this seriously and reinstate the honest officer! Arun jaitetly is big red herring in Modi’s cabinet and chances r that his deeds may spell the doom for bjp and Modi!? It’s hightime for PMZo to wake up and rectify the damage!


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