Sleazy affairs in Indian politics and its hidden tales

Year 2016 has seen revelations of several sleazy affairs of Indian politicians.

Year 2016 has seen revelations of several sleazy affairs of Indian politicians.
Year 2016 has seen revelations of several sleazy affairs of Indian politicians.

Exposé of sleazy affairs

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]his is a recurring nightmare in Indian politics. The current one in the media crosshairs is Varun Gandhi. Every saga has its own hidden tales. Here is a quick review of the sleazy affairs of 2016.

Varun Gandhi

For the past week, many have seen the hardcore porno photos featuring Varun Gandhi and a Moroccan escort. According to the whistleblower C. Edmonds Allen, these were shot by his old associate and controversial arms dealer Abhishek Verma. Among the eight photos released, six photos are hardcore porn photos. As per the digital camera date these photos were shot way back in November 2002. The model of the Digital Camera used was a Casio EX-M2. Allen in his letter to Prime Minister says that these photos were shot by Verma, who claimed to him that these photos were used to blackmail the young leader.

These photos appear to have damaged the political career of Varun Gandhi in BJP. Varun was dreaming for the Chief Minister’s post in the forthcoming Uttar Pradesh elections and this exposé may have dealt a body blow to his ambitions. These photos expose the proximity of Varun with Abhishek Verma, who had close ties with Gandhi family till mid-2012. Verma’s late father Srikant Verma was close with Sonia Gandhi and her Hindi tutor arranged by Indira Gandhi. He and his wife were Congress MPs in the Rajya Sabha. Once these photos came out, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) distanced itself from Varun, who is already out of the good books of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah.

The whistleblower Allen has many friends in India and we don’t know if someone is using Allen’s shoulders to shoot at the political career of Varun.

Arvind Kejriwal

A few weeks back Arvind Kejriwal met with allegation of a sexual encounter, when his old friend and colleague Kapil Bajaj wrote about it in his blog. Bajaj said that he had seen Kejriwal in bed with a young colleague, who was later appointed as the head of a Statutory body in Delhi, when Kejriwal became the Chief Minister. He also said that Kejriwal was fondly called as ‘Aloo’ by this lady, who is 16 years younger to him. Here is a snapshot of what Kapil said he saw:

The view through the opening in the double door was so clear that I feared Kejriwal’s gaze might have met mine if he hadn’t been in a hurry to hide Shilpa in the built-in cupboard.

It was an extraordinary sight.

The Ramon Magsaysay award winning ‘social activist,’ whom I had witnessed being feted in Kochi the other day for promoting transparency, was engaged in some kind of secret bedroom farce with his own young colleague.

I felt as if I had willy-nilly threatened to violate the privacy of two people and reduced them to that ludicrous state.

Shilpa having been stowed safely away, Kejriwal opened the door for me and acted as if he had been resting.

This sleazy affair happened on November 18, 2008 at Thiruvananthapuram Guest House. Kejriwal and his party colleagues have not yet responded to this allegation and are keeping a stony silence.

The term Aloo trended in Social Media for three days and Kejriwal kept quiet. As Kejriwal’s Delhi Government is a big advertiser, the entire Mainstream Media is looking the other way on journalist Kapil Bajaj’s exposé. In his blog Bajaj says he wanted to expose the duplicity of Kejriwal and his ethical preaching, while making his friend as a Statutory Body head.

Sandeep Kumar

Delhi’s Women and Child Welfare Minister lost the post after his sexcapade video came out in the public domain. Chief Minister Kejriwal waited for 15 days, after the CD reached him. He acted only when ABP News Channel aired the CD. Sandeep Kumar was stung by his old boss, who was a Congress leader and  a former MLA. Kumar who had the habit of recording his sexual encounters were exposed by his own friends. Interestingly Kejriwal, who preached while dismissing Sandeep Kumar from the Cabinet is still keeping silent on his own sexual encounters exposed by journalist Kapil Bajaj.

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