Subramanian Swamy talks to Devang Bhatt in Athithi, a noted TV program

Conversation on various topics with Subramanian Swamy

The following is a translation in Passive voice on the conversation between Devang Bhatt. The interview is part Gujarati and part Hindi.

Devang Bhatt introduces Subramanian Swamy

Dr Subramanian Swamy, has always been the centre of controversy because of his dispension. He holds on to the matter till he gets the desired result. He is a common topic of discussions with the media and the citizens with awareness on Indian politics.

Dr Subramanian Swamy doesn’t really protest any kind of introduction that is given about him.

Target Gandhi/ Nehru Family

All the accusations that he has put till now on Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi have been proved to be true.

For example, Sonia Gandhi had said that she holds a degree from the prestigious University of Cambridge. He challenged that information and proved that, she was not even a student there. So when the speaker asked for the explanation, she said it was typing mistake. Dr Swamy says that, how can there be such a big typing mistake; “attended Cambridge University and a degree in English”?

Rahul Gandhi started a company secretly without informing Indian Govt, according to the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA). While  incorporating it, he said, it is an Indian company, but from the past five years he is claiming it to be a British Company. And then again he claimed it to be a typing mistake. How can this be trusted?

These documents were not given by Dr. Subramanian Swamy, but Rahul Gandhi himself had signed the documents, and the rest was checked from the British official Website.

Rahul Gandhi has failed and in his certificate the name is Rahul Vinci. The name was changed  because of security reasons according to Rahul Gandhi.

From the past 58 years the Gandhi family has ruled here, everything is transferred from the king to the subjects, so when there is corruption in the country, who else would you blame but the king?

Its not only the Gandhis that Dr Swamy has targeted, he also scrutinized Lalu Prasad Yadav, sent Jayalalitha to jail. It is Congress’s propaganda that Dr Subramaniam Swamy is always targeting them. It is for publicity.“

Smriti Irani was accused of telling that she had gone Yale. She had certainly gone to Yale but not to study. And you can’t compare Smriti Irani to Rahul Gandhi because she is not the candidate for the position of Prime Minister of India.

There is no solid basis on accusations of Smriti Irani. Similarly Vasundhara Raje and Sushma Swaraj were also accused but because there were no weightage to the accusations, it all evaporated.

Media being a tool of the powerful

There are issues which media has taken up and contributed in solving them. But there are some issues which media has taken up but has left them half way through. For example,

Nitin Gadkari was strictly against Sonia Gandhi. He was blamed for a lot of false things but after he resigned from his post, the entire matter was closed.

Similarly, Justice Ganguly gave a very fair verdict in 2G scam. A groundless allegation was put him of being involved with a girl. After his resignation from Human Rights Commission, all the allegations vanished, including the FIR and the girl herself.

So, certainly media is the tool of the powerful to get their work done.

The role that Dr. Subramanian Swamy like to play

Highly influenced by Chanakya and the ancient sages and their teachings on truthfulness and courage, he is trying to play a role of a man that has no desires for bliss or position, but only wants to share his knowledge, educate people and fight injustice.

Why is he not a part of active politics

He has won elections many times and that too with record margins, not just from his home town but from Mumbai, from Madurai- a place where people are against brahmins, twice from Uttar Pradesh. He has been a minister in the cabinet twice. Once he brought economic reforms in the country with P V Narasimha Rao, but the credit was given to Manmohan Singh, because Sonia Gandhi was against him and Narasimha Rao. If Manmohan Singh had brought the economic reforms then why are there no reforms in his tenure as a Prime Minister?

India’s part in fighting terrorism

When Narendra Modi went to America, Subramanian Swamy suggested that India support America against ISIS. Even Barack Obama was expecting that. But Modi’s advisors advised him against it. He has suggested that India send its 40000 soldiers to Iraq, Syria and ask America’s help for providing arms and ammunition. He explains that Americans have the attitude where in, if you stand by them in tough times, they support you for anything, but if don’t then you get stuck.

In the first document of ISIS it is mentioned that, there are three countries in the world that they will never forgive. They are USA, Israel and India.

When Umar Khilafat tried to attack India through Gujarat and Rajasthan, the kings of these states defeated him and brought an end to his Khilafat.

Whichever country has been ruled by the Muslims, they have converted the country to Islam. But they couldn’t do so with India, even after ruling in India for about 800 years. British converted the entire Europe to Christianity in 50 years, but in spite of ruling in India for 200 years only 3% of the population is Christian. This is what bothers them. They called it an “unfinished chapter in Islamic history”. They say they want to capture India again and convert it to Islam.

Stand of BJP in the political scenario as of now

After the defeat of BJP in Delhi and Bihar,  is it because the image of BJP is tarred?

During Lok Sabha elections, entire ambiance in the country was pro- Modi/BJP. At the same time the image of Congress was tainted due to 2G scam, corruption etc. RSS did a lot of publicity, and the said that all the Hindus should get together and vote for BJP. So, for the first time BJP won Lok Sabha elections with the singular majority of 31% and 40% with NDA.

With issues like Kashmir’s article 370, inflation,  the spirits of the BJP karyakartas is slacked. Their enthusiasm needs to be re-built, which is not a big deal.

After Indira Gandhi got 2/3rd majority in the year 1980, she lost to M G Ramachandran (MGR) in Tamil Nadu within four months. In the year 1971 also, Indira Gandhi lost to Jan Sangh in Delhi Municipal Corporation elections.

But on the whole Modi’s image is positive, but for the complaint that he hasn’t done anything much till now.

Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s next target

There are files of 21 politicians in his cupboard. But firstly, he has made a rule that those who don’t trouble him, will not be troubled by him. But Nehru family has troubled him a lot even during emergency, excepting Rajiv Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi was his friend and both of them together made the government of Chandrashekhar and even got V P Singh removed from his position.

The Italian part of the family really bothers him because of the associations she has with corrupt people in the whole world, who are not willing to do good for our country, like arms dealers, Quattrochi, Hawala etc.

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