Sunanda Murder case: Endgame of Shashi Tharoor begins. Delhi Police to charge sheet Tharoor

Senior Congress leader and former Minister in UPA-2, Shashi Tharoor to be charged under IPC 306 in connection with the murder of his wife Sunanda, according to Delhi Police

Senior Congress leader and former Minister in UPA-2, Shashi Tharoor to be charged under IPC 306 in connection with the murder of his wife Sunanda, according to Delhi Police
Senior Congress leader and former Minister in UPA-2, Shashi Tharoor to be charged under IPC 306 in connection with the murder of his wife Sunanda, according to Delhi Police

The end game has started for former Union Minister Shashi Tharoor in his wife Sunanda’s murder. After assuring the complete status of probe report within a week to Supreme Court on Friday morning, it is learnt that the Delhi Police is going to charge sheet Shashi Tharoor under a non-bailable charge under Indian Penal Code (IPC) 306 for abetment to suicide and other charges for trying to erase the evidence. IPC 306 envisages up to 10 years of imprisonment.

Within two days of the spat with his wife over Twitter and some even physical, Sunanda was found dead and after a year in January 2015, the Delhi Police registered a First Information Report (FIR) for murder.

It is learned that the Delhi Police has finished the charge sheet and its Prosecution Wing has vetted it in the high profile Sunanda murder case, essentially involving the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket betting and money laundering.  For the past four years, the Delhi Police was facing severe criticism for inaction and hushing up the murder of Sunanda happened in the Hotel Leela Palace in New Delhi on January 17, 2014. At that time, her husband Tharoor was the Minister of State in Education in UPA-2 Government and was in a tussle with his wife over an alleged affair with a Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar.

Within two days of the spat with his wife over Twitter and some even physical, Sunanda was found dead and after a year in January 2015, the Delhi Police registered a First Information Report (FIR) for murder. From the very first week, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)  wrote several reports reiterating that  Sunanda’s death was unnatural and was due to poison.  But unfortunately, many uncouth politicians involved in the IPL Cricket were out to scuttle the probe and save Shashi Tharoor.

A few hours before her death, Sunanda had declared in Twitter that she will expose Shashi Tharoor for his dirty dealings in the IPL rackets. Even after AIIMS confirmation, the crooked elements in the Delhi Police were trying to derail the probe in connivance with their IPL related politicians. Former Commissioner and current CBI Director Alok Verma has found total frauds in the probe and then hushing up and destruction of evidence by the then Delhi Police Joint Commissioner Vivek Gogia and ordered a Vigilance probe.  Some investigators in Delhi Police also tried to delay the probe in researching the nature of the poison, even after the Supreme Court landmark verdict that in murder there is no need to find the nature of poison[1].  At one point the Delhi Police had given some details about the IPL money laundering angle to Enforcement Directorate (ED). But this was also delayed and total evidence has not yet been handed over.

Last year senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy and his legal associate Advocate Ishkaran Bhandari filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the Delhi High Court.  Justice G S Sistani, who heard the initial four hearings came down heavily on Delhi Police and asked them to finish the probe in eight weeks[2]. The Judge also said that next hearing he would look into the IPL related angle in the case and the ED probe details. But surprisingly in the next hearing, the case was shifted to Justice Muralidhar, who on the very first day, without hearing the petitioners, dismissed the case with scathing remarks on the petitioners[3]. Muralidhar’s judgment was considered as a surprise in legal circles and many doubts were aired on the way the petition was dismissed.

Swamy filed an appeal in the Supreme Court and Justice Arun Mishra’s Bench directed Delhi Police to file the status report and the case got rejuvenated. It is learnt that Delhi Police will soon file a charge sheet in Patiala House Court.


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  1. If this were to happen, it would be an instance of the indian state re asserting itself in the face of extremely powerful forces from within who had managed to sabotage it successfully! Sunanda’s murder case is a classic example of how the indian state with all its arms & apparatus can be undermined by anti nationals! It also shows how the nehruvian ecosytem which was supposedly weakened since May 2016 is very much alive & having its way through its agents who are all over in the power structure. Only a lone warrior by the name of Dr. Swamyji relentlessly took them on and perhaps today the tide seems to have turned somewhat!!

  2. Too little too late. Even now the case will go on forever and the technicalities will supersede the intent to have a fair trial. While I had the highest of hopes with this govt, in four years I realise that the fuel that powers this govt is the same dirty fuel and the vendors of the fuel are the same. No change. Every crook in trouble has bedded enough senior bigwigs in bjp as well. Every corporator and MLA on bjp is as big a scoundrel and perhaps at some point in time with the congress. There is bjp party with a difference. Win elections and rule. Tall statements all over. No action in any case. Forget any big talk – it is 6 years since the shameful nirbhaya episode happened and we still have not closed it. The courts and govt have time to debate politically motivated PIL immediately though. Barring Mr Subramanian swamy’ efforts to individually fight we have not seen a systemic fight to uproot injustice and crime – look at icici, chidambaram, airtel maxis, young Indian, sunanda pushkar, he is doing it despite the institutions and govt not cooperating. So not much can be hoped though this is a sad state for all of us. MOdiji too can’t do much or maybe unwilling to do as well. This apathy and letting down of basic minimum expectations of the law abiding citizens will cost Modi heavily at the hustings

  3. How many of us honestly believe that the truth is ever going to come out in this case? My guess is 99.99%. With Four years are over and most evidences lost or destroyed and given that a senior politician is accused the conclusion cant be otherwise. Channels will keep up the tempo with their endless and meaningless debates news papers will have material for filling up columns with stories and lawyers will make more money. I am certain that truth will never come out in this case

  4. It is still UPA -III in our Judiciary, CBI, ED, Ministries.

    Imagine how Delhi Police could be armtwisted. Into inactivity in a gruesome murder probe for almost 4 long years under the so called CORRUPTION FREE NDA

    Note how Chidambaram and his gang Members are able to secure favorable Judgements in the world’s biggest heist called 2G

    Honest Officials Of ED, CBI and IT are punished or superseded even today. How can I believe this is NDA Govt??!! Without an iota of doubt – WE ARE STILL UNDER UPA – III.

    will continue

  5. Well I am not sure that our criminal justice system being what it is, Tharoor need to lose his sleep over the developments. If he does not get anticipatary bail, any hospital or nursing home will accomdate him as he will suddenly develop chest pain.

  6. Mr Shashichandra Desai, I want to correct you, it is because of Dr Subramanian Swamy’s righteous efforts and he has NOT applied any pressure on Delhi Police to act in accordance with law. Because of Dr Swamy’s sustained efforts through legal course, the Delhi Police was made to act in accordance with law. Even now, DP is moving / taking half hearted measure as can be seen from the Charge – abetment to suicide.

  7. Shashi Terror need not have to worry about Sec 306 of IPC being invoked which attracts 10 years imprisonment, if convicted, [ may in all likelihood get enhanced Sec 302 / 307 of IPC during trial ] he will be in the good terror company of notorious Sonia, Rahul in NH case and KC/PC in INOX-FiPB & Aircel-Maxis case, in Tihar. By the by Passports, including diplomatic passports of these notorious people should be impounded forthwith and made to surrender before trial Court. They should be barred from the membership of LS / RS and recover all the perks & priviliges, including gaadi, ghoda, ghar, chai, pani, nashtaa etc enjoyed by them with 24% interest. It is high time CrPC be amended casting the responsibility on the Accused to establish their bonafide and innocence before the Court, rather than Prosecution proving their guilty beyond doubt in a Court of law.

    It is my personal view that instead of putting them behind the bars and they enjoy more facilities in Jail [ Eg. Sasikala – Foster sister of Jayalalitha, enjoying all facilities in Bangaluru Jail by bribing politicians and officials ] and spending on their A Class facilities, Security within the Jail, Home food / hotel food, Heart attack medical expenses [ Eg. Lalu ], severe & exemplary monetary penalty be imposed on them besides attaching their illgotten wealth. If they have no means to pay, they may be given a choice of death by drowning in mid sea, hurtling down from Mount Everest or by jumping into the forest fire. Recently, I read a news report an UAE Court awarded 517 years imprisonment as punishment to 3 Indians for Ponzi scheme fraud –

    In fodder case involving more than 1000 crores the penalty is 3 years, 4 years, 7 years and all these run concurrently. So, political crime is thriving in India because there is no punishment for wrong doing by politicians and there is no fear of punishment for wrong doing by politicians. Long live Indian Democracy.

    • Jayasankarji, I share your feelings and sentiments. But under the present NDA all these seem to be WISHFUL THINKING.While on the CHARA GHOTALA, are you sure the sentences are CONCURRENT? I learn they are CONSECUTIVE

  8. By far this is the ONLY chance the Indian Judiciary has to prove its mettle and say – we are still alive and kicking. If this case goes for a toss and if Shashi Tharoor and others go not convicted for another dozen years, then I think people will loose their confidence on Indian judiciary forever…. Revolution shall supersede..

  9. Thanks to Dr Subramanian Swamy for putting pressure on Delhi police through judiciary to take action against the murderer.

  10. And nothing happens to Mr Gogia and Mr Muralidhar.It is a sad Commentary on our Police and Judiciary.But for One Man Army Dr Swamy the murderer would be lecturing about Indian Ethics.


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