The Guardian Lies: Protecting the lynch mob academics

It is time, to tell the truth, and call out The Guardian, which seems to be competing with tabloids with its titles

Decoding the lies of The Guardian
Decoding the lies of The Guardian

Decoding the lies of The Guardian on DGH

The Guardian’s article (read the article here[1]) on the anti-Hindu conference starting today starts with a lie and a whole lot of lies follow. It is time, to tell the truth, and call out The Guardian, which seems to be competing with tabloids with its titles.

Lie No.1:

…..academic conference in the US addressing Hindu nationalism….”. What is academic about this conference? Calling known Hindu baiters and anti-Hindu activists to further their agenda cannot be an academic conference by any stretch of the imagination. Academic conferences do not invite non-academics to be principal speakers, particularly known supporters of violence and communist party members, who have vowed to overthrow a democratically elected government through an armed resurrection.

Lie No. 2:

… by more than 53 universities including Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, Berkeley, the University of Chicago, the University of Pennsylvania, and Rutgers…”. Those who sent the mails to the universities for their sponsorship of the conference have received emails from multiple universities that they have not sponsored the conference and that their logo has been used without their permission. When this was pointed out the ‘organizers’, who remain anonymous, removed the logos of all universities. The removal of the logo happened almost 2 weeks ago. Poor Hannah Ellis-Petersen seems to be in a place without the internet.

Lie No. 3:

…..India’s 200 million Muslims have faced discrimination and attacks….”. This is a well-known, well-worn or, rather torn cliche that has been peddled for ever so long. Day-to-day life is as boringly normal in India as it is in any Western democracy unless Hannah Ellis-Petersen has been living under a rock and writing from there in her hallucination. Why would Hindus bother their Muslim countrymen and women? Are not the Muslims doing enough harm to other Muslims across the world? Neither do they need Hindus to do anything to them nor will Hindus do anything but be kind.

Lie No: 4:

……immense pressure has been placed upon universities by fringe groups to back out of the conference…..”. If individual Hindus, who in the normal course mind their own business but have decided to send a polite mail to the university administrators asking if they had co-sponsored the conference, are fringe groups, that’s a joke. Not only that. The language of the emails they sent is so polite, universities took time to send an equally polite reply to all those who sent the mails, emphatically denying that they have sponsored the conference. Not only is The Guardian brazen enough to still say the conference is co-sponsored by the universities, but also top it up with other lies about ‘fringe groups’, ‘immense pressure’ etc.

Lie No. 5:

Because of what’s happening in India, the Hindu right and Hindu supremacists in the United States feel particularly emboldened, and the virulence of their attacks on scholars is accelerating significantly,” said Truschke, who has to have armed security present whenever she speaks in public.

This would be a big joke if not for the seriousness of the issue. Audrey Truschke is no stranger to violent messages, having posted many of them on social media, suggesting physically harming Hindu students. These messages were so scary that students requested the Rutgers University management to take action, but the university adamantly refused, citing this as academic freedom. Is calling for violence against Hindu students’ academic freedom? Is Audrey Truschke getting a taste of her own bitter brew? Why does she need armed security? To protect her from who? The Guardian should go and investigate to find answers to these questions.

Lie No. 6:

We are deeply concerned that all of these lies, taken together, will be used to incarcerate those who speak at the conference, or worse, inflict bodily harm, up to the murder, upon those associated with the conference,” read the statement by the conference’s organizers”.
The announcement about the conference came several weeks ago. All the speakers who live in India have enjoyed their freedom to denigrate Hindus without any action by the Government of India or from any one of the 1.2 billion people. If this is not proof, then what else is? These organizers started a hate campaign in the guise of an academic conference. When they are called out, they don’t know how to respond and have started using proxies to spew venom.

As a practicing Hindu, a follower of the ethical principles of my religion, and a believer in karma, I am open for a truly academic discussion, symposium, seminar, conference, or what have you. However, strong tendencies to intimidate law-abiding minority Hindus living in over 100 countries could end up in karma visiting those that intimidate.

1. Text in Blue points to additional data on the topic.
2. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


[1] Death threats sent to participants of US conference on Hindu nationalismSep 09, 2021, The Guardian


  1. Well structured article. It’s really important for Hindu community to come together and stand united against this hinduphobia under the name of academic freedom.

  2. A very informative and well written article. It’s really important for Hindu community to come together and stand united against this hinduphobia and hate being spread around.

  3. Guardian thinks if they say a lie multiple times in different ways it becomes true and forgets that we are in a social media world. We believe in Dharmo Rakshita Rakshitah! — One has to protect Sanatan Dharma to protect oneself. Like every country need to protect their Language, Culture and Borders, India also doing the same. These so called anti India folks living in India can go to other green pastures and have good life. We have enough people.

  4. Thank you to the author for exposing The Guardian and its blatant lies.
    Appreciate PGurus as always for finding such rare gems who write these awesome articles.


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