Where is the action, Mr. Prime Minister?

Lack of action on several Black and White instances of malfeasance of VVIPs by Prime Minister Modi could end up costing him and his party dear

Lack of action on several Black and White instances of malfeasance VVIPs by Prime Minister Modi could end up costing him and his party dear
Lack of action on several Black and White instances of malfeasance of VVIPs by Prime Minister Modi could end up costing him and his party dear

It was nice to listen to 90-minutes of sweet nothings (okay sweet somethings) but the question, “Where is the action?” refuses to go away. How come all the crooked, corrupt morally flexible VVIPs are still roaming in broad daylight?

These are your most loyal, card-carrying supporters, who came out in droves to support, thinking that you will put the corrupt in jail and reduce taxes. You must declare a Personal Income Tax Holiday for an exploratory two-year period to soothe this long-suffering constituency.

  1. National Herald – This was all Dr. Swamy. It was his effort, despite the machinations of someone close to you who you think the world of. But you could have put them in jail. Your Home Ministry is still acting on the dual (or is it multiple?) citizenships of Rahul Gandhi. The papers from Companies House of UK, clearly show Rahul signing as Company Secretary of BackOps UK, stating his citizenship as British[1]. It does not get more Black and White than this.
  2. Ram Mandir – Remember your Vikas/ Vichar talks leading up to the 2014 elections? You had the hardest of hardcore Hindutva supporters convinced that you will act on it as soon as you come to power. Well, the Narasimha Rao government gave an affidavit to the Supreme Court affirming that the govt. would take over the land and build a Mandir, had a Hindu temple existed previously. This is also a Black and White matter. Pending for 15 years, since the Archaeological Society Report came in 2003. You can act on it today and inform the Supreme Court that you have carried out the wishes of a Congress-led government[2].
  3. Jailing VVIPs – What on earth is happening here? Mr. Chidambaram (PC) signed that he had in his possession a top-secret document about his involvement in Aircel-Maxis written by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for the Supreme Court! And you know who gave him that paper. But instead of jailing PC, you have put the honest investigating officer Rajeshwar Singh under the lens? A Tamil Nadu officer is probing an already proven-to-be-innocent instance of Singh’s conduct? This was the legacy of Mr. Adhia and you are continuing this? Do you know that in the course of his investigation of INX Media Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) clearance, Rajeshwar Singh unearthed another 5 illegal clearances, such as Katra and Orange Telecom? Katra news surfaced in March of 2018 and yet nothing seems to have happened[3]! And what about your Finance Minister, who is still sitting on the Sanction for Prosecution of 5 Govt. officers[4]? Not only is he not acting against the corrupt, but he is also allowing a probe of an Honest officer! Mr. Prime Minister, with friends like these…
  4. Tax Holiday for Middle Class – This is your core constituency and with all due respect, no one in the Middle Class agrees about your claims. These are your most loyal, card-carrying supporters, who came out in droves to support, thinking that you will put the corrupt in jail and reduce taxes. You must declare a Personal Income Tax Holiday for an exploratory two-year period to soothe this long-suffering constituency. And direct the 80,000 officers of the Income Tax Department, who will be freed from their tasks, to hunt down the Black Money salted away in Tax Havens.

Act now

I and a few others, earnest friends who want the best for the country, have been urging you to act now for months. The window is surely but slowly closing. You are getting bad advice from an echo chamber. I don’t know if this post will reach your desk or not – but I do know this. Congress will not be this kind to you, should they come to power in 2019 and I might add that you are by your inaction, gifting the country to them on a platter. Remember what they did to a certain Minister of State for Home in Gujarat when you were the Chief Minister.


[1] Subramanian Swamy urges Home Ministry to probe into Rahul Gandhi’s secret British citizenshipSep 21, 2017, PGurus.com

[2] Narasimha Rao Government’s affidavit to Supreme Court in 1994 turns out to be crucial in Ayodhya caseDec 27, 2018, PGurus.com

[3] Fresh trouble for Karti: ED set to book him in another FIPB caseMar 19, 2018,DailyHunt.in

[4] Arun Jaitley-run Finance Ministry delays Sanction for Prosecution again of five officers, co-accused of Chidambaram in Aircel-Maxis caseDec 18, 2018, PGurus.com

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  1. The prime minister had a glorious opportunity to bring reforms in agriculture, exports, industrial development and root out corruption. But I guess people within BJP have misled him and a good opportunity has been lost. No longer we expect Mr. Modi to return to power and Amit shah and Arun Jaitely should take the responsibility for their inept handling. Jaitely can speak well but does not understand Finance and Mr. Modi is still harping on Congress misdeeds though they were punished for their misdeeds, in 1984 and people are not receptive to Congress bashing any longer. There is a need for the change in the narrative and before it is too late, hope Mr. Modi realises it.

  2. Modi and Arun J Talk Big but totally Ineffective failing to walk the Talk. What prevents Mr. AJ to issue the letter of Sanctions to Prosecute the Top Bureaucrats in the Finance Ministry to let the Case against P. Chidambaram to proceed smoothly on January 11th. BJP/RSS Executive and the” Marg-Darshaks” should Challenge Arun Jutley for failing to keep up the Poll promise of 2014. If Congress makes a come back, they will keep the hapless BJP members under “Saffron or Hindu Terror” in the Cell. Modi and Arun J, have let down India.

  3. If politicians genuinely resort to solving people’s problems, then they will have no relevance. Once problems are solved, there is no need of politicians! So politicians keep creating one issue or the other to continue being relevant. Most political parties exist because of some prevalent issues / problems – and come to power promising they will do everything they can to solve these – however, once in power, they just let things be, or even worsen – and then at the fag end of their term in power, they go back to the people asking their votes citing that they need to be in power to solve these very issues / problems. The BJP has proved no different than any other political party in this respect.

    Modi himself made it clear that there will be nothing for the middle classes in terms of tax reduction / abolition – rather he started listing out many of his activities as targeting the middle classes…..

    Subramanian Swamy is right when he stated that Modi must do something that will directly benefit the middle classes rather than allowing results to percolate through the various government / bureaucratic channels which will take a long long time. He also stated that the Tax terrorism or harassment of middle classes must end. But all his advice seems to be falling on deaf ears.

  4. I am afraid pgurus has become a garbage for heaping anti-Modi contents. This newspaper can find nothing good in what PM Modi does. Is this a front for Swamy for PM? I have not forgotten Swamy was in close cahoots with Rajiv Gandhi.

    • No way Dr. Swamy is less compare to PM Modi. If Modi would have been in his position he would not coperate with the ruling member of his own party as we see from Dr. Swamy. Also now educated mass still want to vote for BJP in 2019 it is for Dr. Swamy and few good honest of the members. But PM lost his vigour of 2014 and still you feel people can support except educated mass.

    • Team PGurus, is neither a “lobbying” website pressure group nor acting at behest of somebody (more so Dr.S.Swamy!!!). It is neutral so far.It gives a devil its due!
      Team PGurus has been concentrating on “core issues” not trash dished out by many TV channels and their associated print media thugs funded by equally notorious elements. If one looks at the very slowly increasing subscribers base, speaks volumes about bridging a gap and slow change in making voters to look for the facts in hands rather than images in mind!

      Sree Iyer might have started to like Dr.S.Swamy for a decade now!
      While my entire family is an admirer of Dr.Swamy since 1975 and when he visited my School in 1978 ( soon after release from Jail during late Indira’s draconian Emergency regime), our family never miss his press statement/article/ video clips as on date. No doubt Dr.Swamy is also a human erred few times.

      Look at the combination of MMS,Sonia, Rahul, Sibal, PC,Ghulam, Ahmed Patel, Manu Singhvi produced maga scams in 10 years and 56 lakhs crores NPAs……..
      Had PM Modi, Dr Swamy, Nitin Gadkari, Dr.Nalapat, Piyush Goel and Jaitley joined hands this unfortunate nation would have progressed much better in almost all the sectors/ segments and few missteps in DeMo, GST, J&K,….. would not have happened.
      It is better one should not criticize Team PGurus at least for couple of years!!

  5. Pls dont add middle class to that vote bank appeasement list. I think this group (Mdl Cls) needs more action on sending corrupt to gail. Only fear of punishment can stop further corruption than make more laws as said by Dr.Swamy. And action on More schools and hospitals, Universities, courts and change of Indian History using the RBI surpls(If need be) will set the county in to action mode.

  6. This comment was posted by me three months before the current by- election ………….

    Only way to frame criminal cases on all scamsters and keep alive and threatening them so that bad elements do not unite . This was the tactics followed by congress for many decades. For this remove all Delhi walls Arun jaitely & co and include Subramanyam Swamy and a few serious Hindutva leaders in the ministry. Time is running outWhen Congress is able to frame false criminals cases against innocent samiyars, army officials why Modi is not able to frame real looters. Yes, he has failed to punish the real looters and wasted 4 years of his term pl wake up and do things on fast tract even it is not a bad idea to bring emergency and punish the culprit for the sake of future generation. Do not bother about coming back to power. Particularly M/S Sonia & Co to be deported to Italy & bring controls to all media mafias immediately.

  7. We do believe that………..but what is the definition of secularism? For me, my secularism is, India first. I say,the philosophy of my party is ‘justice to all, appeasement to none. This is our secularism. NAMO

    1. 60% increase in minority budget
    2. 16 new schemes exclusively for minorities
    3. Not scraped the missionary visa introduced by THADAKA
    4. Allowing waves of foreign missionary for soul harvest in spite of scrapping plenty of NGO’s
    5. Not taken any action of excess atrocities committed by minorities in WB & Kerala
    6. Not initiated any action for resettlement of Kashmir pundits
    7. Simply watching the Sabarimala agitation and left Hindus like orphans
    8. Took a snow dive in SC/ST atrocity act/ cow protection bill
    9. Even after SC clearance to announce Ramer Sethu as heritage site no action initiated.
    10. As Swamy suggested reluctant to bring ordinance for century old RAM TEMPLE

    Narendra Modi in 2014 election meetings vows to put corrupt politicians behind bars, said won’t even .spare BJP leaders. I will ask the SC to hear the cases fast. Those who are committed crimes will go to jail. The country has been destroyed by the Government of mother & son,they add fuel to fire, inflame it. For them all that matters dynasty & nepotism.

    What is the fact now, not a single corruption case was filed so far by the BJP Government but by the individual Swamy as one man army without any support from his own party fighting against the corrupt. Instead of supporting him putting break from all direction. Why ? What for?

    Culprits ,corrupt thieves like Sonia& Co, PC & Co, Karuna & Co gangsters are roaming freely without any fear or shame shouting catch the thief slogans against honest people to cheat the masses to grab votes again. Do we need the situation like this?

    On several occasion Swamy warned Modi that governance alone will not yield votes,
    The result we have seen in recent by-election.

    Except BJP rest of the political party leaders are selfish to the core & parasite in society ganging together to defeat Modi, we have no other choice & vote only to BJP because –

    1. Good governance & cleaning up administrative system in the right direction
    2. No corruption recorded so far
    3. Terrorism comes to a stand still
    4. Fantastic foreign relationship being established.
    5. Sowed seeds for resource development schemes in all the fields & the list is endless
    Criticism apart i request all Hindus to vote only to BJP otherwise we will be treated as a third rated citizen soon.

  8. Good summary sir. We the Middle class brought him to power and he is repeatedly betraying us. Over and above that, humiliation of forced Aadhar, tax harassment, demonetisation, GST bungled. Not a single agenda delivered. Delay in bringing Ram Temple law will be the ‘last straw ‘.

  9. Middle class is looking for the following:
    1. Transparency – There is nothing BJP has done to deliver transparent governance. They are not able to explain how they allocated the additional amount collected from fuel tax. No white paper on demonetization. Was demonetization a success and what additional revenue did the govt get from black money hoarders. Did not speak about the NPA mess till this year as most of the tax payer’s funds and tax on fuel have gone into funding bank NPA. They should have published a white paper on bank NPA’s and the actions they have taken to clear the mess so that the system is accountable. No transparency on black money and which individuals have misused the system
    2. Act on Corruption – 2G folks have gone free due to poor representation from govt. Looks like PC and son are going to go scot free. Nothing to speak about Vadra. Let corrupt folks leave India. No action against corrupt bank officials except Jaitely being proud that some of them are suspended or will be asked to leave their job. Biggest joke. So you loot public money and we will suspend you. All top bank officials are now in plush private sector jobs. Not a single corrupt guy has been put behind bar to set an example. The best of it was Kanimozhi being named the best parliamentarian, probably she was the best in being outright corrupt and making a mockery of law. NDTV issue better not discussed
    3. Hindu Religion protection – No Ram Mandir, Sabarimala issue, Prevention of Cow Slaughter, RTE non action.
    4. Tax break – Easiest path taken tax more. LTCG, PPF interest rate tampering, Dividend taxing etc. Instead of rationalizing tax structures they have hit the middle class below belt. They have folks like Ravishankar Prasad coming on TV and telling middle class have been given so many benefits. So the straight forward people keep paying taxes and the corrupt,politicians and media live in luxury.
    5. Communication – The worst team of folks assembled by BJP who assume and talk on behalf of middle class when they have no clue of what the values of middle class person are. Repeat the same crap that Congress is corrupt but we will not act against them. Modi’s voice now is becoming an irritant for the ear as has not walked the talk. BJP has been talking of the same 2014 agenda items and seem to be blaming judiciary, media, middle class, bureaucracy, NOTA voters and everyone except doing introspection
    6. Finally the worst thing – Providing Congress looters an opportunity to make a comeback. I can never forgive Modi and team for this.

    I was a staunch BJP and Modi supporter but finally realized all politicians and parties are the same. Increase their salaries, policies made that will help them and prescribe restriction on individual choices. NOTA the way to go.

  10. Lets stop fooling middleclass/low income households,salaried,pensioners taxpayers etc by giving them false hopes like abolition of personal IT, increasing exemption limit to 5lac blah blah…
    Keep improving transparency at all levels and also make public aware of how revenue deficits,budget deficits etc are coming despite of numerous claims of robust tax collection both direct, indirect/GST etc
    Middleclass voters would be more thankful if such fake jhumlas are not thrown at them only to fool them royally and also whenever elections come trying to appease them by creating false hopes..

  11. Well written article. Modiji, act or perish. Me and my friends are not political persons. We are professionals. Last time we voted for you with great hope and expectations. We did not want any personal favor. we as citizens who work hard, honest and patriotic just wanted the corrupt to be punished, Hindus should not feel neglected, and end of appeasement and vote bank politics. But in the last 4 5 years nothing has been done. We do not feel like voting you again. We are sincerely searching for alternatives and looking towards persons like Dr.Swami, Shree Ayeir, Baba ramdev, Shree shree etc. to do something. However, the moot question is JAAYEN TO JAAYEN KAHAN. Why have you betrayed us? Are you feeling complacent thinking that we do not have an alternative?

  12. PM Modi appears possessed by a demon that says take care of the minorities and forego the majority. Modi is hoping to deliver after he get re-elected in 2019; a result that will shock him just like in the recent polls in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.Modi appears to have miscalculated and it is clearly showing. Nitin Gadkhari, a real RSS pracharak and performer. should become the alternate choice for 2019. Surely Dr. Swamy will enjoy a more positively role under Gadkhari like becoming the next FM.

  13. Well Written Mr. Sree Iyer !
    Had NaMo acted on Rahul’s dual citizenship long back, Rahul would not have gathered courage to speak vociferously against the PM in parliament on Rafale !
    See, what is going to happen..! This year, before run up to the elections, Courts may send the First family to jail but the media would cry “vindictive politics” by NaMo saying Rahul questioned the Rafale deal and hence was jailed. Voter sympathy will create and cost BJP many seats.
    Goof up of GST by “UPA loyal Bureaucrats” had already taken a toll on BJP votes and NaMo was always turning a deaf ear to his hard core supporters who are much intelligent tan his “Chamchas”
    Being a middle calss person, felt very much aggrieved by NaMo Govt in last 4 years and if finally, all the corrupt walk free, then it is insult adding to injury.

  14. Congrats Sree Iyer ,you have penned what was there in my mind very nicely. The message is loud & clear. ACT NOW or WE ALL PERISH together.

  15. It is unfortunate pgurus.com does not have any time to highlight the achievements of Namo and his Govt especially during an election year when most MSM & all corrupt are teaming up to kill Namo’s Govt; PGurus is steadily becoming a 200% jalra of Dr Swamy.
    Though Dr Swamy did a great job to bring the “first family” to their knees in National Herald case and many other high profile figures, some of his expectations are high. Getting into contentious issues just prior to elections with MSM in full support to opposition, may not be the right thing to do. Congress is going to throw lots of mud on Modi in the next coming weeks. whatever sticks in public mind can have significant effect.

    With God’s grace, if NaMo gets back to power in 2019 elections, if he did not start work on Ram Mandir etc right away tear him to pieces in each article you write

  16. If not taking action against corrupt or building temple, Modi must
    1. Increase IT limit to at least Rs. 10 Lakhs
    2. Increase GST limit to Rs. 10 Cr for Goods and Rs. 2 Cr. for services.
    3. DBT for farmers and free farm produce trading restrictions
    4. End tax terrorism on small companies and start ups.
    5. Decrease interest rates.

    Country can’t afford another Congress or kichidi government. Modi must come out of his delusion and accept that demonetisation was a mistake. He needs to be humble and graceful.

  17. Pak., and Kashmir remain unfinished business – Atal Ji said, he would let Bofors go and his inaction led to the collapse of his coalition Govt. From a position of strength Modi will lose his international stature as domestic pressures will slice him down to form a coalition Govt that would further weaken India.. AJ, the poster boy counseling Modi will ruin the come back of Modi in 2019.

  18. While we were and are Continued to be turned off by the Corrupt Congress Chamchas, hailing jubilantly the Honorable Past PM, MMS as Mr. Yes Maun Singh, Arun-Jhutely and Modi Combo are certainly “No Good or any Better” as they prove to be “Big-Mouth Jolly Personnel of BJP. Rajiv Malhotra, S. Gurumurthy, Sree Iyer, Dr. Subramanian Swamy should remain objective and raise voice against Modi and AJ for being totally Complacent, Considerate, Collegial to the Top Corrupts of the Congress, miserably Failing the Masses of India as they have NOT fulfilled the doable poll promises of 2014. Just like Sonia-Rahul, P.C-Karti, Akilesh-Mulayam, M,Karunanidhi-Stalin Duos, we have Big-Mouth Jolly Boys Duo – NDM-AJ.

    • Well said Dr Venkat, mr Sree Iyer are you ensuring if your postings reach PMO or NaMo? NaMo was responsible for winning 2014, will he responsible for losing in 2019??

  19. so many cases are possible on the first family of congress and still nothing is being done. I think PM is not driving the country. What is the compulsion for him to not pursue the crooks only God knows if one exist.

    Instead of PM setting the narrative, Pappu is setting the agenda of public discourse. See the audacity of yesterday’s parliamentary proceedings of Pappu. It shows clearly PM is loosing the grip.

    What is sad is such a good and hardworking person loosing out to scoundrels


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