Why sell Air India?!

Selling Air India is not the solution

Why sell Air India !!!
Why sell Air India !!!

What Air India requires today is a good management team to handle affairs, as an autonomous corporate entity without any Govt interference

The problem with many is that they hardly understand what Dr.Swamy has to say. Air India is a sick & loss-making venture, as it’s core has been sucked out and it has been deliberately neglected to bring it to collapse. The additional benefits that come with an Air India sale are huge and many are interested in that.

Dr.Swamy looks at the national interest and not the personal benefit, whenever he weighs on any subject. He speaks out bluntly and calls a spade a spade.

Till now, he has been vindicated on moles and stooges in MoF, Raghuram Rajan the ex-RBI Governor, on GSTN, on ICICI Bank and many others.

What Air India requires today is a good management team to handle affairs, as an autonomous corporate entity without any Govt interference. Privatisation is a vested lobby game plan to grab the airlines.

Do we know the estimated worth of the brand name “Air India”?

Air India privatisation is a ploy to grab the airlines. The brand name worth is in billions of dollars, with the latest & youngest fleet of aircraft flying, real estate assets across the globe, established infrastructure & network, strategic alliances, hi-tech engineering maintenance facility, routes & sectors, rights across the globe, parking bay at airports and so on.

A request to PM Modi is that before selling off Air India, he should investigate the criminality, loot, deliberate malafide intention, compromise, scam and more, which has resulted in bringing the airlines to this pitiable condition

When certain airlines went public around 15 years ago, the brand name owned by the promoter was sold as his equity at a super premium of 1200 Crores. Then, what can be the value today?

In the same way, bankrupt airlines Kingfisher was negotiating to mortgage or pledge its brand name for US $1 billion in the international market before the promoter escaped to London.

With this, one can estimate the actual value of the brand name “Air India” could be.

During the UPA regime, aircraft were purchased at huge inflated cost and later sold to Middle East Airlines for 25% – 40% discount on the purchase cost!!! This was a huge scam which went unreported in all media. All parties concerned whether within or outside, benefitted. No one raised any objection, as all concerned received kickbacks from the deal.

Just because Air India is loss-making, does not mean that you sell it at the throwaway price. A proper valuation has to be done. Those audit firms and agencies selected to carry out the evaluation are themselves under the scanner and there are links with potential buyers waiting in the wings. How can it be a fair process?

My humble request to PM Modi is that before selling off Air India, he should investigate the criminality, loot, deliberate malafide intention, compromise, scam and more, which has resulted in bringing the airlines to this pitiable condition. The cartel behind this heinous crime should be exposed and punished.

Selling Air India is not the solution!!!

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Professional from Retail E-Commerce & Branded Apparel industry.
3 decade of work experience in International MNC.
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Natraj Shetty


  1. Utterly stupid arguments. This airline can never be run profitably and its continued existence will kill the industry. How can an organisation with overbloated and inefficient staff, rogue pilots and inefficient and corrupt run any company profitably. It’s like a PSU bank!! Kill this white elephant once and for all and spare the hapless taxpayer

  2. Independent management and Government ownership are oxymoron. If the fear of under valuation of assets is real, Govt. should engage experts, including Dr. Swamy, for a proper assessment before sale.

  3. Air India is stolen goods.
    The Indian govt stole a PVT airline out of sheer cussedness and jealousy and buried it deep in the ground.
    They frittered away hard-earned reciprocal agreements.
    NO INDIAN GOVT, including this one, is fit to run Air India.
    Ditto Maruti Suzuki.
    The govt is NOT our friend.
    The govt is not professional.
    The govt is our elected servant gone completely rogue.

  4. There are so many investigations going on, on various scams but nothing tangible happening on the ground. Investigation into Air India scam will be huge. It is okay to launch an investigation into this one too but this should be seperate from finding ways to make the airline profitable.

  5. Surely, there can be 2 opposing viewpoints on any issue.

    The fact is, Air India bleeds the nation, and BJP follows the principle that the Government should avoid being in business, as far as possible.

    As long as
    (i) the intentions are honest, and
    (ii) the process followed for its sale is fair and transparent,
    sale of Air India should be permitted to be gone through without objection from within BJP.

    Airlines are generally not profitable worldwide, esp compared to many other investment options available.

    Even if BJP were to constitute a good management today, there’s no guarantee any future Government won’t resort to fraudulent means to hand it over to a bad management and make it bleed the country.

    So, it appears that in the long term and short term interests, it is better to sell Air India, following a fair and transparent process.

  6. People running Swarajya mag were mocking DrSwamy on this saying that Drswamy should not be trusted and he is a turncoat.it is important to understand why there is such vitriol on this thought process that AirIndia needs to be fairly evaluated and if it has to be sold, it gets the best price for the government? There is huge money to be made if the airline is sold at throwaway prices.I as an individual is concerned that public funds which has been poured into this airline for years which has been looted left ,right and center by all concerned especially by ministers/bureaucrats should not get finally sold away in distress price so that the loot is final nail in its coffin.India has been short changed by UPA/BJP and plethora of regional parties as they all have behaved as what is innit for them personally.Their wealth is an indicator of collective loot/ cahoot and share of public wealth and none of them will expose each others looth.Maghazines like Swarajya will survive on handouts they receive from vested interests.I am disappointed with Indian media because they are all on the side of someone else.So far, pGurus has remained different and I hope they are not involved in any shenanigans of spreading false news for self interest.

  7. In all of this, the name of ex-aviation minister from NCP, Praful Patel has disappeared. He was the mastermind of all the loss that Air India had to suffer. But he has not faced any questioning at all.


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