You are the FM, Mr. Jaitley – The buck stops with you

10 questions for the Finance Minister, Mr. Arun Jaitley

Jaitley needs to act now to dispel perceptions that he is the road block
Jaitley needs to act now to dispel perceptions that he is the road block

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]A[/dropcap] few days back, basking on the victory of BJP in Maharashtra Municipal Council elections, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley wrote an article on Facebook  blaming Congress party’s scandal era of 2004 – 2014. Jaitley also tweeted about this.

Jaitley’s inaction gives the impression that he is the person in Narendra Modi government, putting road blocks in investigation in these high profile cases.

People of India have punished Congress in Lok Sabha elections, by giving a thumping majority to the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), though Jaitley lost the election unceremoniously. Now, for the past 34 months, Jaitley is the Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs of this country controlling many powerful investigating agencies like Enforcement Directorate (ED), Income Tax and Serious Frauds Investigation Office (SFIO) to fix the corrupt people.

Instead of writing articles on corruption, after being in power for almost 3 years, Jaitley should take stock of what the investigating agencies under him did against big corruption cases involving Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi in National Herald case, P Chidambaram and son Karti in Aircel Maxis scam and Money Laundering and Robert Vadra’s shell companies.

Jaitley’s inaction gives the impression that he is the person in Narendra Modi government, putting road blocks in investigation in these high profile cases. The only way he can dispel this notion is by acting on it rightaway.

Here are 10 questions for you, Mr. Jaitley. These are compiled from the hundreds of messages that we receive on Social Media about you. You are the Finance Minister; the buck stops with you.

  1. What is the status of Income Tax probe in National Herald case involving illegal Rs.90 crore funding by Congress party?
  1. All Courts from Trial Court to Supreme Court found merit in Subramanian Swamy’s case in National Herald and found prima facie money laundering, apart from cheating. Why has the ED under you not acted till date?
  1. Did you attempt to save the Gandhi family and blocked ED from registering case under PMLA in National Herald? On January 14, 2015, ED issued a dubious circular blocking officers to take cognizance of offence, even after trial court summoned persons involving money laundering.

    We are publishing the dubious circular issued by ED under you to block the officers from acting in National Herald case under PMLA (Prevention of Money Laundering Act), which insists on attachments of properties of National Herald and envisages minimum jail term of three years to maximum of seven years. The dubious circular is published below this article. This illegal circular was issued to officers within a few months, after Swamy filed complaint to ED to register cases under PMLA in National Herald case, citing controversial money flow of Rs.90 crore. After Swamy’s complaint to Narendra Modi, this illegal circular was withdrawn.

    This Circular advices ED officers that there is no need to register ECIR (equivalent to FIR of other probe agencies) even after a Magistrate takes cognizance of offence!!!  This is against the Section 65 of the PMLA Act which says about the sanctity of Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) and Magistrate’s Order.
  1. Mr. Jaitley, without your direction no officer in ED can dare to issue such an illegal circular, which is meant to save Sonia and Rahul from the PMLA case. Why did you do this? If you are so honest, why can’t you give direction to ED to register the case under PMLA in National Herald?
  1. Now coming to your two decade long buddy P Chidambaram. Why are you not allowing ED to arrest Chidambaram’s son Karti, after he disobeyed the summons notice thrice in Aircel-Maxis scam? Is this not an insult to you?
  1. Why are you not ordering ED and IT to probe into the 21 secret foreign bank accounts of Karti?
  1. Why are you not allowing ED to arrest Chidambaram’s wife Nalini, allegedly the biggest beneficiary in Saradha Scam?
  1. Why is the Serious Frauds Investigation Office (SFIO) under you not acting on number of shell companies floated by Robert Vadra and Karti?
  1. Why is the Finance Ministry under you not giving information and documents to CBI probing Chidambaram’s frauds in FIPB approval to Aircel-Maxis scam?
  1. Why ED is not allowed to covert FEMA case against NDTV to PMLA for Rs.2030 crore money laundering? How can you frequent the NDTV Studios, when IT and ED under you are investigating NDTV frauds? What impression will it give to the officers in these probe agencies?

Your write up is worthless if you do not follow through on the hard work done by your officers. You prove your mettle by acting on these big scamsters.

Given below is the ED’s circular dated January 14, 2015 to save Sonia and Rahul from National Herald case.
Internal ED memo

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  1. The Article is motivated and prima facie at the behest of a person like Mr. Subramaniam Swamy to grind own axe against Shri Arun Jaitly whom he hates a lot.There may be numerous cases and scandals which are either under trial/investgation and/or the process to deal with is under examination.Why should the Government particularly the FM communicate in such sensitive matter with persons/people who are outsiders,unworthies and also those who are untrusty and may have vested interests.A Minister is under oath to keep official secrets and cannot pass on information to people like Subramaniam Swamy and other unworty persons and presstitutes to enable them capitalise,manipulate and earn working capital for
    furthering their agendas..

    • There is no post done at the behest of anyone. PGurus goes by facts. Actions speak louder than words. If you feel so strongly about this post, list all items that the FM has acted on from this post and we will publish it. Just mouthing inanities is not enough. Most of the items shown are more than a year old and are open and shut cases.

  2. What this shows for sure is all of them are in the same soup. Today a few chores here n there don’t raise even a whisper of embarrassment. Since none of them is squeaky clean, does layman have no choice at all? Today let the blind prince rule n tomorrow the one eyed will be his successor?

  3. Going by Indira experience, Modi Govt is being cautious (and rightly so) and doesn’t want to give Gandhis and Congress an opportunity to claim victimhood. Looks like a prioritisation issue for Modi Govt (focussing entirely on economic revival) than saving corrupts

  4. RBI pulls up Religare arm over lending norms ONLY PULLING UP FOR FLOUTING
    of Rs 1,156 crore to entities which were given under the “influence of its promoters”, flouting lending guidelines and corporate governance norms. HOME LOAN TAKERS ARE FLOUTED FOR NON PAYMENT OF SINGLE EMI. WAKE UP CALL ON SUCH FAVOURS AND DEVELOPING INTO SCAMS.
    Partha Sinha | TNN | Jan 9, 2017, 04.00 AM IST

    Mumbai: The RBI has pulled up Religare Finvest, the NBFC arm of Religare Enterprises, for outstanding loans of Rs 1,156 crore to entities which were given under the “influence of its promoters”, flouting lending guidelines and corporate governance norms. The Singh brothers, Malvinder and Shivinder, the erstwhile promoters of pharma major Ranbaxy Laboratories, are the promoters of Religare group, including Religare Enterprises, a listed entity which is the holding company for Religare Finvest.

  5. If Arun Jaitley is corrupt and is a congress friend, why is Modiji still keeping him in ministry? I am confused. What is Modiji worried about?

    • If you have to come to powerr like modi has done, you have to listen to crooks.jai italy is a crook playing the luteyen mafia which will allow modi to be in power.Without backing of money power, no one can come to power.modi is a cut out a prop for power moneyed people.

  6. BJP is a B-Team of Congress right with all its key leaders compromised right from Vajpayee time including him. Look at LK Advani as well who is sitting silently on ethical issues of Parliament members.

  7. i REQUEST DR SWAMY, GURUMURTHY to go on hunger strike till death, in front of Modiji’s home or in front of BJP head quarters. why dont they do this. Gandhi has won due to ahimsa hunger strike till death in front of Britishers. Thats called determination to Sathyam. I would love to join with Dr Swamy & Gurumurthy’s hunger strike

  8. To be bold and serve the public as a true independent political party leader one needs to be squeaky clean both money-wise as well as on other personal fronts. This is something missing in BJP leaders right from Vajpayee time.

  9. Jaitley more important than India and its people. And the Mainos and Chidambarams are his friends and robbery of stupid Hindus their birthright! So, let India go hang itself because being robbed by the high and mighty is their unavoidable fate!!

  10. This Jai Italy will spoil the huge mandate given to Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha election 2014. His unholy relation with Chidambaram and Sonia and corrupt Delhi brokers is road block Nationalist politics.


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