An Open letter to Aamir Khan: India is intolerant? Really??

An Open letter to Aamir Khan: India is intolerant? Really??
An Open letter to Aamir Khan: India is intolerant? Really??

Dear Aamir:
A recent video that we came across echoes a similar sentiment –

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]E[/dropcap]ver since you hit the silverscreen like a whiff of fresh air in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, India has embraced you as a star with talent. Your subsequent works such as Lagaan, Taare Zameen Par, 3 Idiots etc. only fortifed our belief in your talent. Your work in Dil Chahta Hai, Ghazni (eventhough it was inspired from Memento, released in 2000) was well received, even if some purists murmured that both these movies were inspirations from Hollywood.

Even PK, a satire poking fun at long held beliefs (and some might say it was being directed at one religion in particular) was humored and did well at the Box Office. So it comes as a surprise to all of us (you now have a world wide audience) when you were quoted as follows:
Aamir Khan on growing intolerance in India
We watched your films irrespective of who you were with because we saw the merit in your acting. We can separate Aamir Khan the individual and Aamir Khan the actor. It is important (for all of us) to realise that we are:

  1. Human beings first,
  2. Indians next and lastly
  3. Sanatana Dharmiks, which is the law of the land we were born in.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]I[/dropcap]f you feel that injustice was or is being done to you, there is a court system to right that. No one objected when you decided to bring your children up as Muslim. You are in danger of being ignored by your audience if you do not right this. The usual excuses are “I was misquoted…”, “That is not what I really meant…”, “it was my wife’s opinion, not mine” or “my cat made me say it!”

We are waiting… and watching. As Arnab would have said, “The Nation wants to know!”

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  1. All these comments about intolerance, bigotry, religious fanaticism etc. by so-called intellectuals and celebrities are just a preparation for 2019 Lok Sabha elections. These people just want to keep up an atmosphere of fear among the people, particularly Muslims, that the BJP government is out to slaughter all minorities, shut of all dissent, and impose dictatorship. And that the only solution for all problems is throwing out BJP and bringing in that Italian lady and her pappu son back to power.

    All these comments and the award wapsis are just a part of a pre-planned conspiracy. We may have to expect more such activities as 2019 nears.

    I just hope the central government, and all right thinking (no pun intended) really secular citizens are alert for any untoward happening (communal riots, engineered, of course, by whom, no guesses) that may happen as part of this well thought out conspiracy to demonise Modi government.

  2. Iyerji,

    Firstly I would like to appreciate you for this letter. Very well written.

    While you have rightly questioned hypocrisy of the actor but we as common man have we questioned our top brass ministers who were sitting and quietly listening all the crap of AK? AK is maligning image India and Ministers are not answering his stupid allegations? He is throwing mud on our very PM who made his party people ministers and they enjoy benefits not answerable for dirt?
    When they are so careless, when BJP is taking lightly and encouraging such fringe elements why the hell are we becoming idiots by talking against foolish statements? Does any BJP supporter have any self respect? Govt embraces rascals, eats their sound bites and why are we fools in talking against them.

    In my view Aamir, Shah ruk everyone are doing their job correctly. It is us who is having stupid patriotism and foolishly maligning them then govt is in full support of them.


  3. Open message to Aamir Khan,

    So you are a Muslim superstar in a country where majority of the cinema going audience is Hindu. They spend their hard-earned money to make YOU a celebrity. You have married twice, both times, to HINDU women. Your Muslim identity has never come in the way of your professional or personal successes.

    You never felt insecure when your co-religionists attacked Mumbai multiple times. You never felt insecure when the five star hotel you frequent was held hostage by a few terrorists.

    And now you say your wife wants you to leave India because she is feeling ‘insecure’? ? ! !

  4. Mr Amir khan you forget that you are born and brought up in the situation that is witnessed for bomb blast in Mumbai and Sikh riots in 1984, where your intolerance whim gone then. This you are doing not because of yourself but your wife’s staments as you defended but you forget she is an Indian first you try to make learning whole of the universe but can not make the same at your own home.
    You are a polygamy even that the people of India have faith just because of your acting skill, not because your patriotism ability !
    Did you have any answer to that ?
    This you have shown your original mentality other than on the screen!
    Can’t you see that a defense Col Hardik’s wife emotion that she would loved to be their children in the army , did you ever gone there for sympathy or you need to do a glamoy with celluloid .
    You do everything for money and not for the Contry is this your contribution to our Contry , must be ashamed of.

  5. I’m am now certain that this ‘fringe group’ of Lutyens’ club is out to defame India and not the ruling party. Anything if, was remotely “intolerant” looking is nothing but the creation of these fringe elements by uttering rubbish things against the nation. Earlier, yes it was laughable and now it’s certainly looking ‘anti_national’. And if there is ‘democratic’ rights for them to express their anti_national views this way, I too have the same to counter them. May God bless India.


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