BJP raises Kejriwal’s Aloo Sex scandal in Delhi Assembly

Aloo raises its head in the Delhi Assembly as Arvind Kejriwal tries to rake up demonetization issue

Aloo raises its head in the Delhi Assembly, rattles AAP
Aloo raises its head in the Delhi Assembly, rattles AAP

Rarely does the BJP pay back with the same coin. A day after Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal re-hashed the old and closed case on Birla Diaries and cooked-up Sahara Diaries to attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Opposition Leader Vijender Gupta gave him a below the belt blow on Wednesday by raking up the sex scandal involving Kejriwal and a lady colleague, who is now heading a Statutory Body. This scandal was revealed one month ago by Kejriwal’s old associate journalist Kapil Bajaj, who witnessed this incident.

Kapil Bajaj’s detailed blog on this curious sexual encounter of Kejriwal was first reported by PGurus and some other websites, while mainstream media was keeping a stony silence perhaps due to the Delhi Government’s advertising largesse. The blog did not name the lady, who is now heading a Statutory Body. However Kapil Bajaj gave a name to her – Shilpa and revealed that Shilpa fondly calls Kejriwal as Aloo.

After PGurus published the details of the blog, the nickname Aloo was trending in Twitter for more than a week. But Kejriwal and AAP leaders kept a stoic silence and did not utter a word about the matter like the pliant media.

On Wednesday afternoon, Kejriwal stood up to pass a funny resolution demanding that the President of India withdraw the demonetization order; then Vijender Gupta of the BJP unexpectedly stood up and shouted to Kejriwal demanding to know about the sex scandal going about the CM and the House wanted an answer from the Chief Minister who is keeping silence. “Who is this Shilpa? Why Chief Minister is referred as Aloo in Social Media? Kejriwal-ji, what is this sex scandal? What is your link with this Shilpa?,” Gupta started screaming and bombarding questions to Kejriwal, who started reading the Resolution.

Furious and stunned, AAP MLAs started shouting at Gupta and the shaken Speaker left the Chair announcing an adjournment of the House for 15 minutes. Kejriwal tasted his own medicine and he also rushed out of the House. Later when the House re-assembled, Vijender Gupta did not spare Kejriwal, shouting on the Aloo sex scandal and kept pestering Kejriwal to tell the truth about Shilpa and her appointment as a Statutory Body head in Delhi Government. “Why are you referred as Aloo? Who is this Shilpa and what is the sex scandal about you and Shilpa?”, Gupta kept hammering away till he was marshalled out from the Assembly by the Speaker. There was a sense of relief in the face of Kejriwal and the entire lot of AAP Ministers, MLAs and Speaker when Gupta was marched out.

After getting out from the Assembly Gupta gave bytes to all media detailing Kejriwal’s sexual encounter. No media published this. Later he tweeted as follows:
Vijender Gupta tweet on AK
He also gave press releases to all print media and no one has published it, at least as of now. According to Kapil Bajaj’s blog on November 18, 2008, he had witnessed Kejriwal and Shilpa indulging in a secret bedroom farce at Thiruvananthapuram Guest House. All the three landed at Thiruvananthapuram to study the then LDF Government’s People Planning Programme. Kejriwal asked Kapil Bajaj to get a translator to understand the documents in Malayalam. But as he did not get the translator, he reached the Guest House early and witnessed Kejriwal and Shilpa through the leaves of the door. When he knocked on the door, there was silence for a while and he saw Kejriwal pushing Shilpa into a cupboard and then opening the door and pretended as if he was sleeping. The funny thing was, Kejriwal enquired Bajaj “where was Shilpa”, whom he himself had hid in the cupboard!

Till date Kejriwal has not uttered a word about this incident, even after many websites published Bajaj’s blog and it went viral on Social Media. How long will Kejriwal and his crony media keep silence on this matter?

Here the issue is not the consensual extramarital relationship. The issue is the morality in politics of appointing the lady as the head of a Statutory Body, when Kejriwal became Chief Minister, after preaching the need for high morals in politics.

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  1. There appear to be substance in allegations against kejriwal since he is maintaining silence when he is not supposed to. Had he be clean he would have taken appropriate action against the journalist- bajaj.

  2. It looks entirely motivated and biased. Would fit a masala bollywood film. To snoop so low is not expected out of any journalist and so they did not print but you guys are n so u did.

  3. Arvind Kejriwal is one of the dirtiest blots on Indian Politics. He has been working against India’s National interests for a long time on instigation of America & this has been proved by retired RAW officer Mr. RSN Singh, with all evidences, in his book. Yet he has been fooling common man, shamelessly. Alas! People of India could understand this & throw him out of their lives.


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