Delhi HC orders AJL to vacate Herald House within two weeks.  Observes violations in Sonia & Rahul firm’s takeover

Delhi High Court upholds the eviction order of Herald House by UDM - cites violations in the takeover of the firm by Rahul and Sonia

Delhi High Court upholds the eviction order of Herald House by UDM - cites violations in the takeover of the firm by Rahul and Sonia
Delhi High Court upholds the eviction order of Herald House by UDM - cites violations in the takeover of the firm by Rahul and Sonia

In a huge setback to Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, the Delhi High Court on Tuesday ordered the eviction of Herald House, the headquarters of National Herald newspaper within two weeks, dismissing the petition filed by the publisher Associated Journals Limited(AJL).  Finding no irregularity in the Urban Development Ministry’s Land and Development Office (L & DO), the Judgment said that there was total violation in the lease agreement by the publisher who was holding the building for the past 56 years and also said that the AJL’s take over by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi floated new firm Young Indian was also “questionable” “modus operandi.”

“The ‘subject premises’ was leased out to legendary AJL for its publication, but the dominant purpose is now practically lost. This Court is constrained to observe that major portion of the ‘subject premises’ has been rented out and petitioners’ newspaper, which was to be housed originally in the basement and ground floor, has now been shifted on the top floor with hardly any ‘press activity,” said the 17 page Judgment of  Justice Sunil Gaur.

“This Court is conscious of the fact that Young India Company is a charitable company, but modus operandi to acquire 99% of AJL’s share speaks volumes. The manner in which it has been done is also questionable,” said the Judgment. At present AJL, which is literally owned by Sonia and Rahul controlled firm Young Indian is earning around Rs.80 lakh per month from 2011 by renting out two floors to Passport Seva Kendra.

Observing that there was no wrong in eviction notice, the Judgment also said that petitioner’s contention that the Government move was to erase, efface and defame the legacy of Pandit Nehru was not at all acceptable.  “One fails to understand as to how the ruling dispensation has in any way erased, effaced, or defamed Pt. Nehru… the allegations of malafide leveled by petitioners are bald and unspecific and so, no note of these allegations taken,”  said the Judgment

The AJL approached the High Court after the L & DO issued eviction notice on October 30, based on the complaint filed by Subramanian Swamy, BJP leader and petitioner in the main case. AJ was represented by Congress leader and noted lawyer Abhishek Singhvi and Government was represented by Solicitor General Tushar Mehta. The court had reserved its decision on AJL’s plea on November 22.

The High Court said AJL will have to vacate the premises at ITO here within two weeks after which proceedings under the Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorized Occupants) Act, 1971 would be initiated.

The L&DO had ended the lease — entered into with AJL on August 2, 1962 and made perpetual on January 10, 1967 — asking the company to hand over the possession by November 15. The L&DO’s order had also said that failure to hand over possession would lead to initiation of proceedings under the Public Premises Act.

In its plea, AJL has also said that the digital versions of English newspaper National Herald, Hindi’s Navjivan and Urdu’s Qaumi Awaz have commenced since 2016-17. The weekly newspaper ‘National Herald on Sunday’ resumed on September 24 last year and the place of publication was the ITO premises, AJL had said, adding that the Hindi weekly newspaper Sunday Navjivan was also being published since October this year from the same premises.

Later in the evening, welcoming the judgment, the Urban Development Ministry said that  “It was found by the inspecting team of the Ministry on April 09, 2018 that no printing press was functioning at any floor of the premises and no paper stock was found anywhere.”

“In earlier inspections also, the basement where Press machine should have been, was found vacant.  Further, it was also found that almost all shares of AJL were transferred to ‘Young Indian Ltd’ having same address as that of AJL without any permission of the Ministry.  As per a report of Income Tax Department, in Young Indian Ltd., majority of shares (76%) are held by the Gandhi family and the rest by Shri Motilal Vora and Shri Oscar Fernandes. It was also observed that instead of using the land given to AJL for Press purpose, they are earning a huge sum of money by renting out almost entire building except one floor which has negated the purpose for which the land was originally allotted,” said the Ministry in a statement.

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  1. One judgement does not decide anything. There is divisional bench, there is SC. Every accused has chances to seek justice. This kind of political cases are many. We have to wait and watch.

    • Are you saying hereafter it is all a Sham … All the Courts will give stay orders without applying any mind at all ??? That would reduce these Courts to being laughing stocks !!! Surly that would not be the intention of even the Duffest of Judges !!! This is as open & shut s case as it can get !!! The government is paying rent for its own property to get it evicted !!!

  2. Delhi HC orders AJL to vacate Herald House within two weeks. Observes violations in Sonia & Rahul firm’s takeover. Very good judgement.

  3. Now that the Judgement has been delivered, What the Mother and Son will do? They have already done it. The Maha Gatthbandhan. The BJP vs the rest, the group of corrupts and opportunists. They will try tooth and nail using all possible arms and ammunition to defeat the BJP and regain power. After the congress regain power, it will create, amend rules, influence judiciary, make the judgement ineffective and regain the Herald House. Is there any such precedence? Yes there is. Remember 1974-75. Remember the Allahabad High court judgement which convicted the then Prime minister Mrs.Indira Gandhi for election malpractices made her election null and void and ruled that she cannot contest any election for six years What did Mrs Gandhi do? She appealed to the supreme court, got a CJI of her own choice by superseding six SC judges and managed an Acquittal. It was subsequently followed by the infamous EMERGENCY. THEREFORE WHAT IS OUR DUTY? CAN WE DO ANYTHING. YES, WE CAN. LET US WORK TOGETHER AND STOP CONGRESS AND IT ALLIES TO GET ELECTED AND REGAIN POWER. DEAR ALL, IT IS AN EARNEST APPEAL TO ALL OF YOU TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY FROM THE CLUTCHES OF CORRUPTS AND OPPORTUNISTS. ONCE AGAIN LET US VOTE AS INDIANS.

    • Mishraji, I share your concern & agree Indians should unite to defeat the corrupt FAMILY POLITICAL PARTIES

      Behaviour of Indian Electorate gives me mixed feelings of ‘irritating cynicism & ‘joyful hope’s

      Cynicism because, even today there are 1crore+ electorate each in Rajasthan, MP & Chattisgarh who have voted the Corrupt Congress Family to power

      Optimism because the Political Electoral Scenario today has taken a total U-turn for the good

      Previously ‘splintered Political Parties’ used to unite to fight against one ‘corrupt Political Family Party’s

      Today ‘corrupt Family Parties’ are desperately uniting to one ‘Honest Political Party’s


      These Family Parties’ Chieftains know – one more term to BJP would be totally disastrous & push them towards irreversible Political Coma

  4. Just confiscating the Herald properties is not adequate.

    Commercial rent on the properties – from the date National Herald ceased to function – should also be recovered from the Ma-Beta duo

    • National Herald (House) fetched Rs: 80 lakhs per month rent ? For Gandhi Family ? or For Congress Party ?
      How about other branches, at other locations in India ? They are rented too ? Who keeps BOOK- KEEPING for all these hugely sum of money, NO WONDER Congress leaders (mainly Gandhi Family) are worshipped by congress bhakts ! Everywhere, Delhi- Chennai, Bengaluru, Kacutta, Patna, Jaipur, Ahmedabad leaders are
      following Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra and….. So many lawyers ready to help…. Ordinary Indian voters and young boys and girls do not know what is happening to their lives full of poverty and lot hardships to survive, to go to college and get decent job; while Lutyens club members are enjoying each others support and Singing…. Hill mill ke lootogi, hill mill ke Khaoji, Hill mill ke Gaoji. Indian Style.

  5. Have Indians lost their minds to let Sonia Ji and Rahul Esq. Loot, Scoot, Swindle Congress and Indian wealth? How can our darling educated Maun M. Singh, P. Chidambaram, Kapil Sibal, Abishek M. Singhvi, Digvijay Singh, Pilot, Gehlot Kamalnath put up with this NONSENSE. These Stupid Corrupt Chamchas should be ashamed and dished out to the Dust bins. This can happen only in india. Not in China, Russia or any western democracies. Bureaucracy and Judiciary are at its worst for causing un-pardoanable delays in delivering such a verdict in this straight forward case that should have been settled long ago. Shame -Corrupt, Congress Chamchas for Ruining India. Stupid Stalin is now proposing weird nerd Rahul Gandhi to be a PM candidate. Too many laughable Cheap Clowns. India Stinks like a Skunk.

    • Yes Indians have lost their mind. Indians are among the dumbest masses in the world. People who have always sacrificed their future generations well being for a small bribe paid during election. They always fall for divide and rule trap set by the Gandi’s.

      A country of 1.3B ruled by one family over most of its existence is not a democracy it is a real shame. Most Indians are oblivious of their history and even in this day tolerate a foreigner like Sonia running our country’s affairs.

      Most Indians have no real future until they can get rid of the Gandi family from our politics and they unite as a one Hindu nation.

    • Dr. Venkat Gopalakrishan, Good comments.
      To counter Dynasty designs BJP has to restructure its objectives. All these skeletons have been tumbling out because of Dr.S.Swamy. He should lead our unfortunate Country plundered by the Moghuls for 800 years, British for 200 years and Nehru-Gandhis for 60 years. India needs a true nationalist having good knowledge in areas of public interest and Admin skills sets. In this regard, Dr.S. Swamy has the capability to solve the issues facing our nation.

  6. The judgement shows how politicians abuse and misuse their power and positions. Let us hope, the corrupt would be put behind the bar,

  7. Fantastic. At last we are seeing some actions.
    Kudos to Swami for his tireless work and patience.
    Need to see the entire cabal be put behind bars.


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