Do not mess with India Prof RV tells Labour Party

Prof RV made some scathing comments on the UK Labour Party's decision to rake Kashmir at the UN, exhorting all British Indian Labour MPs to submit their resignations. He also suggested that British Indians should stop funding the Labour Party for its attitude.


  1. Clearly correct,Owning one country and religion is a Freeman’s base requirements .Unless each if reciprocate it is not easy to unify Any country .Knowing this very well Secular ,Minority are used as a trump card.Even slight violence in SOCEITY is Raked up as IF ENTIRE NATION is made up of such persons,which is a false propaganda,to contain and obstruct our growt.The amount of Freedom that every one has here is unseen anywhere in the world ,subject to few variations as in any SOCEITY. BUT WORLD SEES HINDUS ALONE THRO A COLORED PRISM,BURYING A THEIR GRAVE FAULT LINES.IN USA WHAT IS THE GUARANTEE THAT WHEN ONE GOES OUT TO A MALL OR OTHER PUBLIC PLACES YOUR LIFE IS GUARANTEED AS WE SEE MANY TYPE OF ATTACKS HAPPENING VERY WIDELY ACROSS THE NATION,BUT STILL NO COUNTRY TALKS bout it ON A DAILY BADIS ,AS IS DONE IN INDIA WHY ONLY KASHMIR,WHY NOT PAK,CHINA ,ARAB COUNTRIES WHERE HUMAN INDEPENDENCE IS IN REAL HANDCUFFS.SHAME WE HAVE WORLD FORUMS TAKING SIDE,THOUGH INDIA SUFFERS FOR SEVENTY YRS ,EVEN AFTER GIVING AWAY ITS HUGE LAND .IT IS NOTHING BUT HYOPCRATIC WORLD AND ITS SHAMELESS HIGHLY BIASED LEADERS..

  2. Hindus in UK & USA are deeply divided & have no sense of unity, identity which is why we are witnessing the shocking scene of Virender Sharma MP of Labor, UK & RO Khanna in USA openly siding with Pakistan.
    Same was the case in India – Hindus were deeply divided while Muslims always voted as a solid vote bank, until Modi & Shah managed to unify Hindus to quite an extent; the results were seen in 2014 & even more so in 2019.
    Until Hindus abroad make themselves into a solid, unified vote bank, they will continue to suffer.
    When will Hindus learn?


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