Indian Lawmaker Meenakshi Lekhi questions 6 city councils on whether they read CAA before voting

Chiding the City councils for their ignorance of India and for pandering to supposedly vote banks, Meenakshi Lekhi MP wonders if this is a ploy by Pakistan to hide its own abysmal treatment of its minorities


  1. Giving the gloating about how successful Indians are in America, why don’t we see more Indian Americans speaking up?

    It’s time we stop worrying about that rental property and start making life better for ourselves and children.

    A taxi driver told me only a few years ago that he doesn’t worry about college education for his sons. His experience is the Indian Parents in the US would educate their daughters for people like him to benefit.

  2. Dear Meenakshi namaskar and Jai Sriram. Please guide the Indian consular offices everywhere to educate the councilors, state congress and assembly members with a packet containing complete information about article 370 and How it got passed legally through Parliament and got approved by the Supreme court. we have 3.5 Indian Americans in USA but few Pakistani businessmen and other Indians who want to be with them have given donations to these law makers to pass resolutions which have zero effect on India This is all done to please people in Pakistan and minorities in India who dislike ModiG. India needs to make pro India lobby in Washington very strong. we are a democracy and it is a shame some law makers are praising military dictatorship in Pakistan. Please take action. Best wishes


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