Many journalists exposed for their links with Delhi Riots-cases-accused pro-Jehadi Khalid Saifi

Khalid Saifi, in custody since Feb 26 for engineering Delhi Riots, has been alleged to have laundered money through some journos, academics and advocates

Khalid Saifi, in custody since Feb 26 for engineering Delhi Riots, has been alleged to have laundered money through some journos, academics and advocates
Khalid Saifi, in custody since Feb 26 for engineering Delhi Riots, has been alleged to have laundered money through some journos, academics and advocates

Many Indian journalists are now in hot water for their links with Khalid Saifi, the key operator in the Delhi riots and anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protests engineering across the country.  The Police investigation exposes that Khalid Saifi was in regularly in touch with Times of India Group’s ‘Radio Mirchi’ Jockey Sayema who was exposed for announcements though her programs asking the crowd to reach protest sites. Many senior journalists like Rajdeep Sardesai, Siddharth Varadarajan, controversial former NDTV anchor Abhisar Sharma, pro-Jehadi-activities-supporting-journalist Arfa Khanum Sherwani and Rana Ayyub, Hindu-hater Neha Dixit were also in regular touch with the mastermind and key facilitator of Delhi riots Khalid Saifi who is in Delhi Police custody from February 26. He is now facing three charge sheets for engineering riots in different places of Delhi.

Khalid Saifi is a key facilitator in all the riots and protests in Delhi. Basically, the 39-year-old pro-Jehadi activist is by profession engaged in ticketing and visa arrangement for the Hajj pilgrimage for the past 10 years. Apart from protest arranging, he tweets as @KSaifi about his Hajj visa and ticketing business “Please contact for Hajj and Umrah Services. All-inclusive packages with the best service at a reasonable price. Experience of 10 years in Service of Hajj n Umrah. Thousands of satisfied Hajis. We never Lie We never cheat. PS: Please share with all your contacts,” he tweeted recently while doing rioting business. His travel company name is Al-Latif. The poster attached to his Tweet shows his Hajj visa and traveling business:

His tweets show that he is very close with anti-Hindu journalist Neha Dixit, who lost her job at Outlook Magazine for writing a fake story on the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Times of India’s Radio Mirchi announcer Sayema is another favourite of his. “Today met Purani Jeans wali Sayema at Khureji Protest site. Very charming n Bubbly girl. Ladki keep shining n inspiring. May Allah bless you with the very best. Ameen,” said the Tweet of Saifi with Sayema.

Khalid Saifi also uploaded his selfie with NDTV’s Raveesh Kumar. The tweet is tagged with Arfa Khanum and Alt News co-founder Muhammed Zubair.

The below tweet of Khalid Saifi shows his proximity with journalists like Siddharth Varadarajan, Rana Ayyub, Rajdeep Sardesai, Arfa Khanum, Abhisar Sharma, who often take pro-Islamic stands.

Sidharth Varadarajan:

Rana Ayyub:

Rajdeep Arfa Khanum Abhisar:

Apart from journalists, many Left and Pro-Jehadi academicians and student leaders from the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and Delhi University are seen in touch with Khalid Saifi. Many Aam Aadmi Party leaders and Naxal leaders like Kavita Krishnan are also seen with him. He was running an organization called United Against Hate, and agencies feel that this organisation was used to bring in funds from some Islamic countries to engineer protests in India. His Twitter handle shows that apart from arranging protests, he was mostly seen in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Turkey and Brunei. He was also seen with many pro-Jehadi organizations from Kerala and Tamil Nadu too.  Agencies are probing his money routing links with journalists, academicians, and certain advocates. They also believe Khalid Saifi is part of Popular Front of India (PFI) and his main task was to tie up with Journalists, Academicians, Student leaders, and feminist activists.

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  1. Looks like Mr.Venkatesh has a skewed mind leaning mostly towards left. His lengthy comments has more chaff instead of grains in it. When the article points about anti-social activity of Khalid Saifi, he talks about the photograph of Nirav Modi standing close to our PM Modi. He should know the difference between standing close to a person and being close to a person.

    • Many weeks ago,I recognised it is a Muslim using hindu name and snubbed him. He is a jehadist and not leftist. Analyse every word of his post. All of Modi critics are Muslims and use Hindu names in all social media comments. Only pakis use their original Muslim name.

  2. Is something proved against Khalid Saifi? We know what Delhi police did standing alongside Kapil Mishra who threatened CAA protesters on 23 Feb and within some time of that threat, the Delhi riots brook out. Didn’t none of the statements such as “Goli Maro Salon Ko”, “push voting button so hard that people in shaheen bagh will get electrocuted””, your wife and daughters will be raped by CAA protesters”, “this is an Indo-Pak match” encourage Delhi riots? What about that Awathi who boasted of starting the JNU violence? Didn’t police beating people to say “Bharath Maata Ki” add fuel to the raging Delhi riot fire? None of the people who made the above statements or police who played a partisan role where disproportionately high number of muslims were killed and muslim properties were destroyed figure in Delhi police FIR.

    The article talks about Khalid Saifi tweeting about meeting with Siddharth Varadarajan and Rajdeep Sardesai. There was a tweet chain on Tabrez Ansari mob lynching that had Raveesh’s comment and this was enough to drag NDTV into the conspiracy. If guilt by association is acceptable, I would like the author of this article to share his views on Nirav Modi standing close to Narendra Modi in a picture taken at the World Economic Forum at Devos?

    As long as we keep barking at the wrong tree using our immense imagination, biases, prejudices without attempting to know the truth, we keep suffering like we have suffered in the last 1000 years…

    • I don’t think the author is claiming guilt by association. Instead, he exposing the members of the association engaged in a conspiracy to sell a narrative.

      • The author has already passed the judgement. The kind of investigative skills that the author has will put Arnab Goswami, Delhi Police and even NIA to shame.

        Why was POTA dismantled if we had to bring in the same act in different names? We are heading towards a police state. Anyone opposing the government is looked at with suspicion, dissenters are arrested with cooked up evidences, courts are warned that they need to trust the government as they cannot provide all evidence. Recently, the court asked Delhi police as to why the Delhi riot conspiracy accused all are coming from one side and not the other side. The kind of evidence produced can shame Bollywood plots. Arguments in courts are being conducted in Bollywood court room style. The second highest union government law officer ASG Tushar Mehta talked politics in SC the other day. He said people filing cases against the government on migrant situation are vultures and anti-nationals. He compared the might of the union government with individuals and asked what people who are questioning the government have done to help the migrants. Kapil Sibal stated that he has donated 4 Cr but we didn’t see how much contribution Tushar Mehta has done for the cause of the migrants. Courts should not encourage these kinds of frivolous arguments.

        In Jamia case, while the police mercilessly beat up students by barging into the library, the were remained mute spectators when ABVP activists brought in hired goons to beat up students in JNU. Government friendly channels cried left left until the ABVP goon Awasthi was seen boasting that he along with the hired goons beat up students in JNU hostels. There was also a lady ABVP activist who was involved in beating up students in JNU. Union Minister Prakash Javdekar who also cried left left finally stated that the culprits whoever they are must be pardoned as they are students after all.

        Whatever be the cause, truth must prevail always. If police are constantly taught that they just have to follow their political masters and do illegal acts, they will one day become like the army of Pakistan. Indian sub-continent was a land of feudal lords. The police now are the new feudal lords. The courts must start the practice of punishing police and government minsters who put pressure on police to do their bidding. Armchair specialists will keep supporting the police based on their biases and prejudices until one of their kith and kin get caught in a riot or face police brutality.

  3. Unless all of them are booked under UAPA (without bail) & the trials are shifted to Fast Track Courts (FTCs) with daily hearings, No meaningful outcome is expected.

  4. Do Not Wait For Another Ten Years For Things To Worsen.Send All Well Oiled And Connected Suspects Behind Bars And Beat The Hell Out Of Them.

  5. Team gurus: This is off topic. Two readers wanted deatails of Ayurvedic doctors and I provided the Tel No last night through this site. I found the article is removed, hence you may send the details by e mail To the respective readers from your data base. Regards.

  6. check the bank accounts of all those associated with Khalid Saifi and those of NDTV and India Today journalists, anchors and employees.

  7. These links of Saifi with journalists and media persons are his propaganda machinery. But his links to politicians, underworld and Bollywood must be investigated. There are various organisations like terrorist organisations in Pakistan that operate under various names and change identity as per convenience to avoid scrutiny from FATF etc and continue get funding.

  8. Shaheen bagh plot was well planned, funded and orchestrated to show our mother land as a country ruled by a fascist dictator. They wanted to show the world that Muslims in India are oppressed, suppressed and insulted minorities who are having tough time in surviving. AAP was very well involved to get political mileage and solid minority vote bank. AAP did succeed in this and BJP got duped in a big way. Now we have solid proof about the actors, producers, financiers and planners that the only way is to come out with a special inquiry with supreme court judges and convict the guilty Asap. This will send a strong message. Sitaram Yechury is talking about starting a movement copying the one in USA for black lives matter movement . let us be tough and show no mercy for enemies with in India.

    • How many whites in the USA were enslaved for centuries by the oppressed blacks ? Were any whites in America forced into slavey and sold like Indias were in Kabul or by Timur?

      Comparing India and USA black lives matter is disingenuous.

  9. Can we get a similar write up for groups and individuals involved in the Seattle and Twin Cities resolutions? The names can be heard on the videos of the city council hearings.

  10. Pay attention people. From calling Gandhi pedophile to CAA to the city council resolutions in the USA, there is a coordinated campaign to discredit India and Hindus and make the model minority the hated minority. Tell your friends. Ask bhai and bhabi to teach their children our history and culture.


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