My New Letter Series – Dear Ex Muslim Angel, Women Should Not Have Any Rights…

Women need to be given respect as they are equally contributing to society, every day. Be it as an unpaid housewife or as an employee

Women need to be given respect as they are equally contributing to society, every day. Be it as an unpaid housewife or as an employee
Women need to be given respect as they are equally contributing to society, every day. Be it as an unpaid housewife or as an employee

Dear Ex Muslim Angel,

Okay, so you had a rough time dealing with your father’s death (I think I have the correct parent). You were reading the holiest of holy books, to save that parent. I can understand that part (after all, I did read the Bhagwad Geeta, although it’s not as holy as the holiest of holy books) when my father passed away. However, just because HE (THE BIG MAN IN THE SKIES) didn’t help rescue your father, doesn’t mean you give up on the HOLIEST OF HOLY RELIGIONS. It’s not that he doesn’t like women, or doesn’t listen to them, but..well, yeah, he doesn’t like, nor listen to, women!

However, there’s a reason for it. Women are supposed to be the fertile fields that are there for the sole purpose of satisfying the biological needs of the more developed and more when compared to women, intelligent men. That’s the basic reason for creating women. I am sure, if he had his way, HE would have created just men, although I am not sure how procreation would work. I guess MANKIND would cease to exist and all of us would be enjoying the glories of HIS heaven (I MEAN EVERYTHING, INCLUDING THE TALL 135-foot angels. No, not you!! You know who I’m talking about)!!!

Believing that you have rights is not good. Women are not supposed to talk or say anything that would hurt the ego of powerful men. Women are expected to be subservient and adhere to the rules and regulations that THE BIG MAN has set. You all (women) do have half the intelligence that a common uneducated MAN does (I think you call them JAHIL)…After all, he does go out into the streets, work (whatever work he is capable of doing) and bring food home.

So what if your basic needs are not completely met? I mean, food is the MOST basic need and he brings home the money to get whatever groceries he can get. Your main job apart from raising a family (your husband/ boyfriend/ MAN has the ABSOLUTE right to decide how many children he wants YOU to bear, and rightfully so, since the BIG GUY IN THE SKIES will DEFINITELY provide for them) is cooking food that is delicious enough for THE MAN of the house!!

I wish my wife understood these rules. She expects me to cook, JUST because I work from home. I have asked my boss to allow me to come to the office, just so I can BE A MAN. I mean, just because my wife goes to work at 6 AM and returns at 6 PM doesn’t mean I have to cook? Or does it? When the food I cook is NOT up to her standards, SHE YELLS AT ME!!!!! Sometimes I wonder if I should convert…I wish we had the same rules and regulations in Sanathan Dharma, but you know what, we are supposed to treat half-intelligence-laden women as human beings!! We even have goddesses (my own favorite goddess is Ma Parvati)!!

Women have too many rights, some that even MEN don’t have!! Like I want to have a drink (my favorite is Johny Walker Black Label with a few cubes of ice… with a couple of samosas, or mirchi pakodas or both, on the side. What a combination that is)!! However, my wife says NO and I can NOT object (let alone, get physical with her). When I feel amorous, she immediately says she has a headache…I have to let it go. REALLY!! I mean women are SUPPOSED TO BE fertile fields!!! Have you heard of any farmer saying, his field doesn’t want to produce vegetables or rice, or wheat (put any farm produce here) because the field has A HEADACHE!!!

The next right that men don’t have is the right to..let me think (I do that sometimes, although my wife says I don’t). Sorry, I’m having a brain freeze! I can’t think of any other rights!! But that right to say NO, to his amorous advances, is a big NO-NO!! We need equal rights in this regard. In your former life, the angels would curse you if you rejected the amorous advances from the MAN!! That’s good, isn’t it! Growing a family, be it 2 or 20 children, is important!! Think about it!! The kids will, one day, get married and have their own families. You will be grandparents to 4 (or 400)!! How proud you could feel? Now, you’ve given up that privilege and want to get your kids “educated”!! Send them to IIT, NIIT, and all those prestigious schools!!! Why? A madrasa education is NOT fashionable?? So many kids come from these schools and have been contributors to society! I personally think education is over-rated and has been given too much prominence in today’s society. What is education going to get a person, anyway? People say that getting a Bachelor’s degree will show a person how much the person knows; a masters and Ph.D. shows the person how much the person doesn’t know. In other words, the Masters and PhD know that they are Jahil (uneducated). If education is supposed to show me how much of a Jahil I am, I would rather stay uneducated and be called Jahil any day!!

On a serious note, I hope you have a terrific life with all comforts in your life. Women need to be given respect as they are equally contributing to society, every day. Be it as an unpaid housewife or as an employee/ entrepreneur/ social activist, ALL WOMEN have continually contributed to the growth of the global society. Be safe and stay blessed.

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