The invisible hand that’s pushing Pak’s rant against India on Article 370

What does Pak hope to achieve by opposing abolishing of Article 370, Prof Nalapat reveals the invisible hand that pushes the narrative around the world which was followed by UK, US MPs


  1. Nalappad actually says that he has read the Koran many times. And he declares that it is a wonderful book.
    4 wives and not adopting orphans, classifying non muslims as Kuffar and many Ayats full of violence is for some reason, he does not seem to have noticed. n Art 370 he seems to be very clear. A wiseman and like many wisemen are actually human and have blind spots as all of us. The content of the Koran– being wonderful is his blind spot. I understand him and the good in him. He des not perhaps want to hurt the believers. But unless we point it out the Musalman will never admit the truth and we the world will have to be ready for problems for many more centuries. BTW I have read the Koran too. I can verse and chapter to any who disagree.

  2. This article is COMPLETELY wrong! The Saudis and the other oil rich Gulf countries are just weak puppets in the hands of the West, they just do what they are ordered to do.

    The West (i.e. US/UK/Israel/France/Italy) rules the world now, it’s their empire as can be seen when they crushed independent Libya and no one could do anything about it.

    Very similar to the powerful Roman Empire that came before except now it’s a lot more subtle. Now they conquer and occupy countries as a last resort but otherwise they do the following:

    -Weaken independent countries by creating and supporting terrorist rebellions by separatist groups e.g. Kalistanis in India, Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, Uyghur Muslims in China, Hong Kong the list is endless.
    For sure money is flowing into Kashmir

    -Push ‘Regime Change’ in independent countries – millions of dollars are spent to meddle in elections in democratic countries e.g. India. One clear sign was when former Premier Hollande was brought back from retirement to support Rahul Gandhi’s lies about the Rafale Jet Fighter purchase from France.

    ASAP read the books by John Perkins, especially Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

    Regarding Kashmir, doesn’t everyone know that the British plan was to weaken independent India by splitting it into India and Pakistan? A plan that has, from their view point of view, worked great! Now they have the 2 countries at each other’s throats for more than 70 years, with an enormous waste of resources.

    Since the military is the real power in Pakistan and it is controlled by the West, periodically there are attacks across the LOC, supposedly by jihadi terrorists. But they are supplied with difficult to obtain powerful explosives via Pakistani military/US and supported financially via the Saudis who have been told to do so by the West. There may be Pakistani military involved and even US Special Forces. The children throwing stones and otherwise provoking Indian soldiers in Kashmir are being paid to do so. High priority is to jail the Kashmiris through whom the money has been flowing, and to monitor all financial institutions and track all incoming foreign money.

    So now they are alarmed that Modi is strengthening Kashmir by making it a UT, so rushing to condemn it via the Labor Party in UK, articles in the New York Times etc. And no doubt planning new attacks aided by US/UK surveillance via spy satellites and drones. The UK labor Party has another reason – somehow an enormous number of Pakistani Muslims have emigrated to UK and are a big vote bank, so they have to keep that vote bank happy.

    Surprisingly otherwise very intelligent and courageous people like Sree Iyer here and even Subramanian Swamy are very naive regarding this. Maybe their fond memories of studying in the West are clouding their judgment.

    Besides that John Perkins book be sure to read this article, why did the well known Indian historians like Romila Thapar and Irfan never tell us about that?
    British killed 10 million as reprisal for 1857 War of Independence

    That brings up the questions, where are our Kshatriya’s?? What happened to them? Why are we having to depend upon a Modi to lead us?

    Probably many were killed off by the Mughal conquest, then later by the British.
    It’s common sense. When we ‘domesticate’ goats and chickens and dogs if there are any that are good fighters and resist our attempts then they are systematically killed off leaving only the complaint ones.

  3. Prof. Nalapat.
    Pranams for bringing out the real purpose in opposing 370. Your analysis makes sense and explains clearly the root cause.

  4. Why no media raises a issue saudi do not let any other religion on their land how come all nations allows saudi culture on their land snd converting their nations to mini snd micro saudi arab

  5. Vow, HATS OFF PROF NALAPAT N SREE AIYER SIR, in fear words destroys the Wahhabi International, RELIGIOUS SUPREMACISTS is the real word.RELIGIOUS NAZIS n their paid pigs. Sending this to all links to spread the msg


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