The Real Indian History – Part 3

The Indians completely decimated the Ghaznavids and not a single Turk is said to have survived.

Mahmud Ghazni
Mahmud Ghazni

The previous parts of this series can be accessed here Part 1 and Part 2.

The Ghaznavids

The main challenge to Indian civilization, however, came in the form of the newly Islamized Turkic tribes – The Ghaznavids who were a Persianate dynasty of Mamluk origin. The Ghaznavid empire was set up by Sabuktigin and was expanded by his son – the notorious Mahmud of Ghazni. Mahmud captured large parts of modern-day Afghanistan, Punjab, and Balochistan, resulting in the rapid Islamization of these places.

Mahmud of Ghazni

The Ghaznavids followed the Shafi school of Islam, a radical school of Islamic thought which does not afford the ‘dhimmi‘ status to anyone other than the ‘People of the Book’ (Christians and Jews). Hence, the places that were conquered by the Ghaznavids became Islamized very soon.

As Dr. Bill Warner, a leading authority on Islam rightly pointed out, in most cases the concept of ‘Dhimmitude‘ is designed to produce Muslims over a long period of time. It alone results in the complete Islamization of any land albeit over a longer period of time. The dhimmi is essentially to be treated as a third class citizen with limited rights. Therefore conversions of dhimmis to Islam took place to avoid this discriminatory treatment. However, the Ghaznavids clearly did not believe in extending this privilege due to their Shafi loyalties and hence managed to Islamize large areas of land over a short period of time by slaughtering Hindus who refused to embrace Islam and by forcibly converting Hindus at the point of a sword.

He led an army to Nahrwãlah of Gujarãt, and brought away Manãt, the idol, from Somnãth, and had it broken into four parts

Although Mahmud of Ghazni was a conqueror of most of the modern day Pakistan and modern-day Afghanistan, he was primarily a plunderer in North India and was not in much of a position to make any permanent conquests. Mahmud of Ghazni was met with stiff resistance even in Afghanistan by the Kabul Shahi rulers. These rulers had managed to fight valiantly against and hold out to the Islamic invaders for several years but were eventually defeated by Mahmud and expelled to Kashmir, losing even their territories in Gandhara and Punjab to the Ghaznavids.

Jayapal fighting Mahmud of Ghazni

The text Tabqãt-i-Nãsirî had this to say on Mahmud’s invasion of Somnath – “When Sultãn Mahmûd ascended the throne of sovereignty, his illustrious deeds became manifest unto all mankind within the pale of Islãm when he converted so many thousands of idol temples into masjids”. He led an army to Nahrwãlah of Gujarãt, and brought away Manãt, the idol, from Somnãth, and had it broken into four parts, one of which was cast before the entrance of the great Masjid at Ghaznîn, the second before the gateway of the Sultãn’s palace, and the third and fourth were sent to Makkah and Madînah respectively.”

As many as fifty thousand Hindus gave up their lives defending the temple of Somnath from Mahmud of Ghazni during his invasion of the temple.

Somnath Invasion

The Tãrîkh-i-Firishta also details Mahmud’s expeditions against the ‘idolatrous Hindus’ and his desecration and destruction of the temples of Thanesar, Mathura, and Somnath.

The fall of North India to the Ghaznavids seemed imminent. However several Indian kings rose up and took up the challenge of repelling these invaders.

After the Battle of Bahraich, the Ghaznavids were completely devastated and did not send any large expeditions to India ever again.

The Udaipur Prashasti stated that the great king Bhoja’s armies defeated the Turushkas (Ghaznavids). The Muslim historian Firishta claimed that in 1043 CE, a Hindu confederacy expelled the Ghaznavids from Hansi, Thanesar, and Nagarkot. Raja Bhoja was part of this mighty alliance.


Many Hindu rulers achieved several victories over the Ghaznavids in the years following the death of Mahmud of Ghazni. Here are some of them:

  1. The defeat of Prince Mahmud by Lakshmadeva, ruler of Ujjain.
  2. The defeat of Masud III by the Govindacharya, ruler of Kannauj.
  3. The defeat of the Ghaznavids by Arnoraja Chauhan, ruler of Ajmer. The land of Ajmer was ‘soaked with Turkish blood’ according to primary accounts.

The nephew of Mahmud of Ghazni – Salar Masud invaded North India to spread Islam. He fought, defeated and killed several kings during his invasion of India until he met Suhaldeva, the king of Shravasti, who defeated and killed him at the Battle of Bahraich (1034 CE). (Mirat-i-Masudi)


The Indians completely decimated the Ghaznavids at this battle and not a single Turk is said to have survived. After the Battle of Bahraich, the Ghaznavids were completely devastated and did not send any large expeditions to India ever again. Incredibly, not too many people know about the native victories against the Ghaznavids.

to be continued. . .

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  1. Part 2 doesn’t have direct link to part 3. It has link to part 1only. Though part 3 is visible in suggested articles. Please fix it.

    Seige pf nagarkot etc were also not a cale walk. Also please add how after ghaznavid defeqts. No turk dared attack India till almost 200 years(1020 to 1197CE) that too on invitation to ghurs by Ajmeri sufi saint for Ghazwa e hind citing hadiths.

  2. Ohhh great knowledge .congress is represented our Syllabus as we were only slaves … there is no such information in our schooling history syllabus

  3. @ramachandran, you are able to use a Hindu name today in spite of all this Muslim rule…is it also re-writing histroy?

  4. If you say that history as written by previous historians are incorrect why did you people the hindutvadis
    did not protest and show them the correct sequence of events. Having remained silent you people are
    trying to re-write your own version of histyory to suit hindutvA AND HINDU NATION.

    • the so-called previous historians were lefties who had state patronage and left these out deliberately. it is being corrected now due to social media here.

    • Because majority of people do not care what happened in the Past.
      Today India is a shining star, which contains 30 officials languages and many spoken languages, cultures etc united in one country. Sure there are few problem because of our corrupt governing system. Despite that we are an example how the world should be.

      I think our people are preparing and writing a bright future rather than beating the past which doesnt even exit anymore.

    • Well, you don’t have to be a historean to know that. Just read the existing history and fill the gaps. The problem is that vast number of Hindus of India have turned apologetic despite the fact that even the existing history has not been able to (Unknowingly perhaps) hide the truth that Hindus did not give up dharma even in the face of loosing battles. Read the history of the world and Humans have never been able to win against the barbaric invasions. Same happened in India. But a nation will rise again in spite of apologetic lot. And as the confidence returns, apologetic lot will diminish. All you need is a leader who will assure you that you are not what your apologetic mind has turned you into. But people who are hostile to their own nation are the biggest hurdle.

    • Instead of being angry, why don’t you check out primary sources on your own… leftists had control over the academic machinery. Eminent historian like mazoomdar have been sidelined despite having best qualifications than any one by jawaharlalnehru

    • Who are you? If you are a Hindu, then why are you dying of shame? Or are you that part of Hindus who want to lynch Brahmins because Sultans then British and thereafter Congress loved you so much that they not only made you a tool to weaken India but even used your frustration to defeat India? You should have fought against the freedom brigade to ensure British don’t go!!


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