Rakesh Kaul on the impact of the testimonies by Aarti Tikoo and Sunanda Vashisht in the US

Rakesh Kaul, author and activist details the impact on the US Congressional hearings on Kashmir. What was expected to be a one-sided condemnation of India has now suddenly opened the eyes of the Indian diaspora to the similarities between the Democrats in US and the Labour in UK.


  1. Aarti and Sunanda are reincarnations of Laxmibai and Rani Rudramadevi. The way they testified was not only brilliant, but motivated the hindu diaspora all over the world to fight for the rights of hindus. While muslim countries diasopara are united and funded by few islamic countries, Indian govnt is shy of protecting hindu diaspora. They should form an exclusive ministry for OCI and fund the overses indian associations. Indian diaspora is remitting $ 80 billion a year, highest in the world and they should be alloted $ 8 billion for the associations and fund politicians and MSM to report truth. Isn’t it a fact that KGB and CIA funded few indian politicians in the past and Indian MSM is partly controlled by foreigners.

    Further American and British hindus are rich. collecting $ 10 each / month under a foundation should not be a problem and this foundation should safeguard the interest of hindus all over the world to fight politically and legally. Like indian media and politicians, US / Uk media and politicians need funds. Satisfy them and they will dance indian tune.

    Rakeshji’s suggestion on teaming with jews on overseas platform is a good idea. Jews and hindus have lot in common and are an intelligent race. It was Sharon x PM of Israei who suggested in 90’s the the solution of Kashmir lies in having hindu army family settlements there.

    Sharada peethams are in two places in the world. One is in freedom at Basara in Telengana and another is in chains in Gilgit. It is the duty of every hindu to unchain the later peetham and this will BE realised. Tks for the interview Shri Iyer.


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