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Is Austria headed for a recession?

Is Austria headed for a recession?

Vienna The moderate recovery of the Austrian economy in recent months is faced with yet another slowdown, a leading Austrian research institute stated on Wednesday. In...
There is virtually zero probability that this 75 bps hike would even moderately reduce the inflation numbers though this hike is big enough to guarantee the onset of the Minsky moment i.e. setting off an Inflationary Depression

Powell hikes herald “the Minsky moment”

75 bps raise the right move by US Fed? The 75 basis hike by the US Federal Reserve on June 15th was quite extraordinary for...
Inflation | What we are living through is a very unique period and there is no precedence to a bubble built on fiat money in the asset classes of bonds, equities, and real estate unraveling one after another

2022 – It is different this time

Most frightening decades ahead Regular readers should by now understand that we are looking at one of the most frightening decades ahead. Whether it is...
Inflation | In this article, the author focuses primarily on the Hyperinflation aspects though the latter phenomenon is an inevitable consequence of the former

Is the world about to be Weimared?

The word “Weimar Republic” is usually associated with two major events: Hyperinflation of the German Papiermark between 1921 and 1923. The rise of the...
Much like elsewhere worldwide, interest rates have been declining in India through the past decade.

India’s inflation and interest rates through these past 10 years

1. Introduction: The goal of what follows here is to explain that, contrary to the common perception, the interest rates in India are not high...
Are we at the Inception of an Inflationary Depression?

Are we at the Inception of an Inflationary Depression?

The Great Depression was deflationary and the one we are living in the early stages of is going to be inflationary It is an acknowledged...
Since online activity and much shipping leave a trail, these adaptations may make it easier for law enforcement and others to track and catch cultural racketeers.

How will COVID-19 impact Cultural Racketeering?

The COVID-19 pandemic is more than just a health emergency COVID-19 pandemic is exacting a human and financial toll unprecedented in our lifetimes. Statistics worsen...
Flux: Wealth in the United States

Flux: Wealth in the United States

We have a robust economy yet still have lots of people not participating. We have an unemployment rate at 60-year lows, yet enormous sections...
Budget and Startups - What startups are looking for...

Budget and Startups – What startups are looking for…

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has just announced a slew of incentives for start-ups. While we are eagerly waiting for them to come into play,...
As much as 79% of commercial land in Noida was allotted to only 3 real-estate developers between 2005 and 2018, as per CAG's audit of Noida Authority's land-acquisition and allotement process

Noida land allotment scam: CAG uncovers shady deals, gory details, and shoddy performance of...

How realtors Logix, 3C and Wave groups became the center of multi-crore scam In the first Performance Audit Report on the functioning of Noida Authority,...


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