America, wake up and smell the Coffee!

Author constructs the decision-making process inside the Biden administration and shows how there are two centers of power

Author constructs the decision-making process inside the Biden administration and shows how there are two centers of power
Author constructs the decision-making process inside the Biden administration and shows how there are two centers of power

Where is the US headed?

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The Afghanistan fiasco again shows us that there exist at least two centers of power. Let me explain…

So, Mr. Brennan thinks that we have no choice other than the Taliban to work with.

Q: Who is Mr. John Brennan?
A: The former Head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)?

Q: Who did he work for?
A: Mr. Barack Obama.

Q: Who was the President Then?
A: Mr. Hameed Karzai.

Q: Who does the Taliban desire to work with?
A: Mr. Hameed Karzai.

Q: Where is the immediate Past President?
A: Mr. Ashraf Ghani. Was he Consulted for the Transitional Governance? No.

Q: Is there a Transitional Government?
A: No – It is Taliban all the way?

Fast forward to the present.

Q: Who is Mr. Burns?
A: The Present Head of the CIA.

Q: What was he before?
A: He served under Obama as the United States Secretary of State Acting

Q: Who is negotiating with the Taliban?
A: Mr. Burns. He made a quick dash to Kabul just a few days ago.

Q: Who was in Pakistan for a two-day visit a few weeks ago?
A: Mr. Burns.

Q: Who is the Taliban working with?
A: Mr. Karzai. Yes, Mr. Hameed Karzai and to negotiate with Mr. Masood.

Now listen to Mr. Blinken and Mr. Lloyd Austin – the two spokespersons in this administration, who may probably end up taking the heat.

Next, listen to President Biden – he parrots John Brennan’s words – in other words, perhaps Mr. Burns. Do you get the picture?

Is Biden being briefed by two sets of people and has two scripts? Is this why one of the most experienced Senators of this great country, who appears to have cognitive disability and non-coherence, is inconsistent? You be the judge.


This brings us to the larger picture – Where is the US headed? Just remember, under the Obama regime Karzai flourished and trade boomed. Money flowed and now the grandiose advice of leaving all the equipment, the people, and running. When will we know the truth? Was the leaving behind of the equipment a ruse to allow Pakistan/ China/ Russia to get their hands on American state-of-the-art equipment, worth $88 billion? As Mr. Trump made his observations in Sean Hannity Interview, we have lost our ability to monitor China, Russia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan in the most volatile region. Where are we heading?. Only time will tell.

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  1. Sridharji……. Your article heading NEEDS CORRECTION !!

    Iyerji …… Please read this comment & pass it on to Sridharji…..

    Biden needs to take coffee to PREVENT himself getting SLEEP !! It is NO time to sleep situation….

    Biden should TEA in the morning, but more of COFFEE in the evenings !!

  2. America is truly great for having donated US $ 88 billion to Russia, China & Pakistan !! Wish they could given some part of it to India and Indians would have given some $ $ to USA in return for that ……

    Normally America does not sell to anyone for they are categorized as Gifts. Gifts cannot be sold !!

    India has to learn a lot from American govt !!!


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